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This page provides an overview to the contributions made to previous SMWCons (Semantic MediaWiki Conference) or the , as a twice-yearly event gathering for users, developers and enthusiasts of Semantic MediaWiki. To add your previous talks to those lists, use Template:Talk.

A total of 41 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2016:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Semantic MediaWiki for Assessment in Education Lloyd Rutledge wikidata, wikibase extension, content management Talk
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group Meeting The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is meeting in real life at the conference. Join in, if you are interested in their actions and forthcomings. Get to know each other in person as well as discuss current matters. MarkAHershberger Discussion
Experiences with SMW as event management platform Alina.mierlus use case Lightning talk
4 years of Wikidata - where we are, what we learned and what's coming next This presentation will provide an insight into the past four years of Wikidata and the upcoming future. Lydia Pintscher wikidata, wikibase extension, content management Presentation
Application prototyping with SMW and BlueSpice MediaWiki is more than a documentation platform. It can be used for bootstrapping web applications Mglaser Talk
Data Management with SMW - Integrating Big Spatio-Temporal Data We introduce our approach for integrating big spatio-temporal data using collaborative semantic data management. MFrank Smart Web Services, linked APIs, data integration, semantic data management Talk
From graphs to tables The case for storing semantic data in tables instead of, or in addition to, graphs - for SMW/Cargo, Wikidata, and beyond Yaron Koren Cargo, Wikidata, templates Talk
semantic core - A look back into seven years of Enterprise Class MediaWiki and an outlook on the future This talk will provide a look back into seven years of Enterprise Class MediaWiki as well as an outlook into the future. Planetenxin Enterprise Knowledge Management, data management, MediaWiki Distribution Talk
Semantic MediaWiki as a platform for lab management and biological annotation The talk will feature some use cases of Semantic MediaWiki framework in laboratory environments and biological annotation projects. Toniher bioinformatics Talk
Multilateral, asynchronous, bidirectional synchronisation of wikis Synchronising selected information across multiple wikis. (And editing SMW code on the wiki itself.) MarkAHershberger semantic extensions, extensions, programming, MediaWiki Talk, Technical talk, Demo, Presentation
A Generic Approach for Completing PDF-Forms with Data from Semantic MediaWiki We introduce our approach for completing any PDF-form with data from Semantic MediaWiki. This is especially useful for repeating administrative requests which can't be done online as it is still the case in many established processes. MFrank, Thimo Britsch PDF, Result Format Talk
Batch import of large RDF datasets using RDFIO or the new rdf2smw tool The talk will present the status of the RDFIO extension, as well as recent work on an alternative approach for RDF import with the rdf2smw tool. Samuel Lampa RDF, semantic web, data import, big data, automation, virtual machine Talk, Technical talk, Demo
Semantic MediaWiki and the case of CODECS: mapping and mining sources for Celtic studies Dennis Groenewegen Lightning talk
Semantic MediaWiki for programming and teaching context-aware Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) agents This talk presents how Semantic MediaWiki can be used to program a software-agent for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). Nmerkle SPARQL, AAL, SWRL, SPIN Talk
Semantic Extensions at its best How to use Semantic Forms, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Compound Queries at best for a good workflow. How to use query forms. Yaron Koren Semantic Drilldown, Semantic Forms, semantic extensions Tutorial
Semantic MediaWiki and Open Data – the Vienna History Wiki and the OGD Cockpit The talk will feature the Vienna History Wiki ("Wien Geschichte Wiki"), a government platform on Vienna's city history. Krabina Bernhard open government, open data, open knowledge Talk
SMW high availability for disaster recovery and production-data-based development A good setup for a Semantic MediaWiki including backups, updating and upgrades, migration and Virtual Machines. Get it running in no time and focus on content. Lex Tutorial
Mapping data to pages using an upload tool for MS-Excel files This lightning talk introduces you to a tool allowing to upload data stored in an MS-Excel file into templates on wiki pages. Tobias Weller data exchange, file upload, data import Talk, Technical talk, Lightning talk, Demo
eHumanities workshop – Part 2 eHumanities workshop: Semantic MediaWiki in Digital Social, Educational and Humanities Research LiaVeja Workshop
eHumanities workshop – Part 1 eHumanities workshop: Semantic MediaWiki in Digital Social, Educational and Humanities Research LiaVeja Workshop
Followup: SMW-based portal to manage historical monuments Daniel Hansch Talk
WikiProd – Real-time maintenance of production with Semantic MediaWiki In this case study we can show the innovative potential of Semantic MediaWiki for an industrial plant. RichardHeigl, Anja Ebersbach documentation, safety instructions, microblogging, fault reports, maintenance reports, ux Talk
Welcome & Opening LiaVeja, Marc Rittberger Presentation
Semantic OLAP: Using OLAP Functionality to Analyse Semantic MediaWiki Data SemanticOLAP allows to perform OLAP functionality on SMW data in the Semantic MediaWiki Tobias Weller Extension, data analysis, data retrieval, OLAP Talk, Technical talk, Demo
Practical experience and derived best practices about miscellaneous topics chosen by the audience Lex Tutorial
The Kadaster Innovation Funnel We present the concept, implementation and use of the Kadaster Innovation Funnel, which has been realized using a combination of Semantic MediaWiki, linked data, and Linked Data Theatre visualization. TonvanderZwet, Rcdeboer innovation, linked data, SMW, visualization Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms Short introduction of why and how to work with Semantic Forms for easier data input in (Semantic) MediaWiki. Zabien Tutorial
Create custom Semantic Extra Special Properties fast with BlueSpiceSMWConnector This talk introduces the "BlueSpice SMW Connector" extension allowing to create custom special properties Ljonka Lightning talk, Talk, Technical talk
Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki Short introduction to Semantic MediaWiki and beginners tutorial about how to annotate data and do basic queries for this data. Kghbln Tutorial
An introduction to some useful extensions in the context of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to extensions I have created which may be useful in the context of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. Fannon semantic extensions, content management Presentation, Lightning talk
Semantic MediaWiki in Humanities and Educational Research Christoph Schindler Lightning talk
Current Status and Next Steps for Semantic MediaWiki This talk will provide an overview to what happened during the last year, the current status and the next steps for Semantic MediaWiki. Jeroen De Dauw, Kghbln yearly, roadmap, Semantic MediaWiki, contribute Talk
Use case "Kallimachos" – SMW as tool for text annotation and edition of medieval books in ehumanities The University Library Würzburg uses Semantic MediaWiki as a tool in an OCR and publishing workflow. M-art-in ehumanities, use case, ocr Lightning talk
ArchiMedes™ architecture publishing platform ArchiMedes™ is a turn-key platform for publishing architecture models and views that you have created with existing modeling tools such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, BiZZdesign Architect, Archi or any other modeling tool that supports the ArchiMate Exchange File Format form The Open Group. Tschijv Talk, Technical talk, Demo, Workshop
Overview and introduction to new semantic extensions This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to the semantic extensions of the SMWProject which were introduced in 2016 and aim to present SMW as solution for different use cases. Kghbln semantic extensions, content management Demo, Presentation
Using Semantic MediaWiki for managing quizzes for knowledge examination and evaluation Experience report on how to use SMW based content for running courses that prepare for certification exams e.g. in Software Architecture and Requirements Engineering. WolfgangFahl semantic web, MediaWiki, education Talk
Semantic MediaWiki and Open Scholarly Communication Prof. Dr. Sören Auer from Fraunhofer Institute Bonn will hold this year's keynote. Prof. Dr. Sören Auer Linked Open Data, Open Scholarly Communication, research Keynote
SMW Organization Pattern "Three-Ontologies-Method" Lex Talk
Graphical User Interface for Semantic MediaWiki - Product data management at a paper machine This talk will provide an insight into product data management via a graphical user interface using Semantic MediaWiki. Robert Radke skin, graphical user interface, data management Talk
Poster session Projects and ideas on posters! Various topics presented in a light-weight way during a prolonged coffee break. Community Demo, Presentation

A total of 38 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2015:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Cargo and Semantic MediaWiki A talk about, and demonstration of, the MediaWiki extension to Cargo, and how it relates to Semantic MediaWiki and the overall SMW ecosystem. Yaron Koren extensions, semantic extensions, live demo Talk, Demo, Presentation external link
Smart and professional integration of office documents This presentation introduces a smart way of integrating word documents into a Semantic MediaWiki. WolfgangFahl semantic extensions, content management, semantic application Technical talk, Demo, Presentation external link
What we Know About MediaWiki and Where we're Going As part of the work the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group has taken on I'd like to ask, "What's next for MediaWiki?" Ckoerner MediaWiki, roadmap, Stakeholder Management, MWStake Talk external link
Understanding ontology components This workshop aims to prepare a scenario for a simpleshow explaining the basics on ontology components Ralf Roletschek know how, ontologies, Ontology Workshop
Semantic MediaWiki for Context Management in a Web of Things Use Case of Ambient Assisted Living A non-technical expert friendly Semantic MediaWiki for describing and providing AAL context to distributed platforms, services and applications Nmerkle Ambient Assisted Living, AAL, Web of Things, Context Management, Distributed platforms, ontologies, user friendly Talk, Presentation external link
Current Status and Next Steps for Semantic MediaWiki This talk will provide an overview to what happened during the last year, the current status and the next steps for Semantic MediaWiki. Jeroen De Dauw yearly, roadmap, Semantic MediaWiki, contribute Talk external link
The SmartConnect extension This talk introduces SmartConnect, an extension to import data from several modelleing environments. Rcdeboer live demo, data modelling, ontologies Talk, Demo, Presentation external link
Ecommerce wiki This presentation introduces the Ecommerce wiki as a best practice example for Semantic MediaWiki. AdSvS data modelling, content management Talk, Presentation external link
RobWi - A Semantic MediaWiki for Reconfigurable Robot Applications within Industrie 4.0 In this presentation a first prototype of a Semantic MediaWiki solution within a student project for modelling robot components will be described. Nadiouchka8 applications, industry, robotics Talk, Technical talk, Presentation external link
Semantic MediaWiki real-world use cases and their underlying concepts This tutorial gives an overview of the central aspects and elementary use cases that make Semantic MediaWiki appear at its best. Lex introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, lerners Demo, Workshop, Tutorial
SMW for citizen science, some examples and perspectives Experiences with SMW for 'citizen science', crowd sourcing structured scientific data. The success of SEQwiki and other less successful projects. Plans and perspectives on 'crowd computing'. Dan Bolser citizen science Talk, Technical talk, Presentation external link
The wiki way – Contributing back to core This talk will explore the Why, How, and When to contribute your code "back to core" (MediaWiki as well as Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions) MarkAHershberger programming, code quality, code collaboration, MediaWiki, semantic extensions Talk, Technical talk, Presentation external link
GraphScope: Knowledge graph search in your SMW Search your semantic data with simple keyword queries Dhe Semantic search, keywords2sparql, GraphScope, live demo Talk, Demo, Presentation external link
What's new in Semantic Forms A recap of recent-ish changes and new features in the Semantic Forms extension. Yaron Koren Semantic Forms, semantic extension Talk, Technical talk external link
Poster Session Allows a light-weight way to talk about different topics related to Semantic MediaWiki project documentation, project presentation Demo, Presentation, Discussion external link
Modelling Clinical Pathways This presentation gives an introduction in using Semantic Media Wiki for Modelling Medical Processes in Semantic BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). Tobias Weller data modelling, content management Presentation, Talk, Technical talk external link
Overview and introduction to new semantic extensions This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to the semantic extensions of the SMWProject which were introduced in 2015 and aim to present SMW as solution for different use cases. Kghbln semantic extensions, content management Demo, Presentation external link
Project Standard Bank in South Africa In this project Semantic MediaWiki is used as the basis for a process portal for the Standard Bank in South Africa. Tschijv, Eoord data modelling, content management Talk, Presentation external link
SMW Demonstration and Interaction Acceptance Testing using Cucumber and Capybara This talk will give an introduction and demonstration of Interaction Acceptance Testing using the tools Cucumber and Capybara Lex semantic extensions, content management, frontend testing Demo, Presentation, Technical talk external link
BlueSpice goes Semantic This session will sketch the current BlueSpice Semantics roadmap. RichardHeigl data modelling, data application, content management, blue spice Talk, Presentation external link
Building a Modern Website with Semantic MediaWiki Usage, Skinning, and Microdata as used by the homepage of the International Center for Computational Logic Markus Krötzsch wiki, implementation Talk, Presentation external link
Knowledge Management in Research From ISO 9001 Quality Management, over Project Management, to Requirements Engineering Nadiouchka8, MFrank quality management, project management Talk, Presentation external link
Industrial Wiki This presentation provides an introduction to Semantic MediaWiki applications in the industrial environment. Planetenxin data modelling, data application, content management Talk, Presentation external link
Dockerizing Semantic MediaWiki This workshop shows us how to use Docker in connection with Semantic MediaWiki. WolfgangFahl beginners, how to, introduction, lerners, tutorial Demo, Tutorial, Workshop
The Other Extensions The average SMW-based wiki has a bunch of other extensions installed, semantic and otherwise, and this tutorial covers some of them, with a special focus on Semantic Forms. Yaron Koren introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, extensions, semantic extensions, learners Tutorial, Demo, Workshop
SMW based Virtual Research Environments This presentation introduces Virtual Research Environments based on Semantic MediaWiki which are used in education. LiaVeja data modelling, data application, content management Talk, Presentation external link
Community discussion Community discussion about the future of SMW and SMWCon Toniher, Alina.mierlus, LiaVeja, Kghbln, Markus Krötzsch Discussion
Foreign Language Learning Semantic Way This talk will explore the Why and How Semantic MediaWiki can help a student to learn and a teacher to teach language Natbrown, Edlira wiki, implementation Talk, Presentation external link
Semantic MediaWiki issues triage This workshop aims to triage, fill in blanks and even solve some of the existing issues filed for Semantic MediaWiki Jeroen De Dauw, Kghbln issue triage, bugs, issues, Semantic MediaWiki, semantic extension Workshop, Hackathon
Semantic MediaWiki and Linked Open Data This presentation will introduce Semantic MediaWiki's usage on a platform for linked open data in the public sector. Jwvveen linked data, open data Presentation, Talk external link
Fresnel Forms This talk presents "Fresnel Forms", a library plugin that was developed for the Semantic Web ontology editor "Protégé". Lloyd Rutledge ontology tools, Ontology Talk, Technical talk, Presentation external link
Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki This tutorial provides an beginner's introduction into the usage of SMW-based wikis. Ckoerner introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, lerners Tutorial, Demo, Workshop
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group meeting This is a real life meeting of the group members allowing to get to know each other in person as well as discussion current matters. MarkAHershberger, Ckoerner MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, third party users, stakeholders Workshop, Discussion

A total of 17 contribution were made to SMWCon Spring 2015:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki An overview of the history, theory and implementation of Semantic MediaWiki. Yaron Koren Tutorial
Page ownership in MediaWiki A discussion of how users can be allowed to "own" pages, i.e. restrict editing by others, in MediaWiki, and what more can be done. Yaron Koren Talk
Skepticism with Scientific Wikis - The Strengths and Weaknesses Skepticism plays a crucial role in the sciences. Scientists are trained to question. But, what are the strengths and weaknesses of skepticism in launching a wiki designed for and by a scientific community. We'll present our experience with the applied geophysical community and its wiki, the SEG Wiki. Ageary, IsaacFarley skepticism Presentation
What can the SMW Community Learn from Other Open-Source Communities? What can we learn from others successes, workflows, and culture? Ckoerner Presentation
How to make a basic parser function A simplified approach to show people how to build parser functions Jamesmontalvo3 Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
Quantifying Accountability Quantifying accountability in MediaWiki to pinpoint weaknesses, improve quality, and engage more users Jamesmontalvo3, User:Darenwelsh Talk, Demo, Presentation, Regular talk
So you want to write an SMW extension thoughts on creating and maintaining SMW-based extensions that will be useful to yourself and (hopefully) others, from a semi-technical perspective. Yaron Koren Talk
How to get your bug fixed in MediaWiki Using a bug in MediaWiki that Internet Explorer exposed -- a bug that was initially dismissed as only affecting VisualEditor for IE -- I'll show how I found the solution and managed to get it applied to core MediaWiki. MarkAHershberger Talk
smartMediaWiki - smart extension of SMW Extending Semantic Media Wiki in smart ways WolfgangFahl Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
SMW Grammars & Variables A presentation of the forthcoming SMWOntologies extension which instruments SMW for query variables and multilingual property values. Hypergrove Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
The Why and How of Wiki Farms I will discuss what has motivated us to craft a repeatable process for creating a wiki farm and will present a "how to" for creating your own wiki farm. Cicalese Talk, Demo
SMW in the Office Presents an implementation of basic office functionality in an SMW installation. Hypergrove Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
SNPedia build steps The downloads and commands that build Cariaso Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
Cargo and the future of SMW An explanation and demonstration of the new Cargo extension, and what it may mean for SMW users and developers. Yaron Koren Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
smartMediaWikiWorkshop WolfgangFahl Workshop
Introduction to Semantic Concepts WolfgangFahl Tutorial

A total of 42 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2014:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Introducing Performance Monitor The PerformanceMonitor extension profiles the work of PHP functions and methods on your server. These "profiles" (i.e. logfiles) are stored as Json-Trees in the file system. After profiling you can use the Special Page Special:PerformanceMonitor to visualise the results as diagrams. The diagrams allow drilling down to more detailed levels and show you, what the f*** the server does all the time you are waiting for it. Achim Bode Talk external link
Enriching SMW based Virtual Research Environments with external data Integrating Entity Matching in MediaWiki/SMW to enrich wiki content. Jannvck Virtual Research Environments, Entity Matching, MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, Extension Talk external link
Lightning Talk Session One Series of very short talks (max 3 min/5 slides) on various topics. Various Lightning talk
Wrap-up Session Two Discussion
Enterprise Linked Data: Open or closed? In this talk I will throw new light on the reasons why metadata is key for professional information management, and why W3C's semantic web standards are so important to reduce costs of data management through economies of scale. I will discuss from a multi-stakeholder perspective several use cases for the industrialization of semantic technologies and linked data. ABLVienna Enterprise Knowledge Management, Enterprise Linked Data, Corporate Semantic Web, Social Semantic Web, Collaboration, Tagging, Recommender Systems, Linked Open Data Keynote external link
Wrap-up Session One Discussion
Historical Wiki of Vienna - the largest city wiki With more than 27.000 articles related to the history of Vienna (persons, buldings, districts, organizations, etc.) the Historical Wiki of Vienna is among the largest city wikis. Christoph Sonnlechner Talk external link
Project based on SMW will be announced, soon Michael Erdmann Talk
Historical Wiki of Vienna - the Largest City Wiki Christoph Sonnlechner Talk
Wikimedia Community Effort Claudia Garad Talk external link
Digital sustainability of open source communities Keynote speech at the first conference day of SMWCon Fall 2014 in Vienna. Matthias Stürmer Keynote external link
Semantic Web, Big Data, Enterprise Knowledge Management ABLVienna Semantic Web, Big Data, Enterprise Knowledge Management Talk, Keynote
Current Status and Next Steps for SMW Overview of the changes of SMW sind last SMWCon in Europe. Jeroen De Dauw Talk external link
Visualisualisation of Semantic Relations Based on VisualRDF, the Knowledge Base Visualizer (see demo below) allows to visualize RDF-data delivered from a SPARQL-Endpoint as a netzwork-graph. It is possible, to filter nodes and links via and their apperance (color, shape, size) via two seperate SPARQL-queries completely customizable. Tim Stein Enterprise Knowledge Management, API, Mapping, SPARQL Talk, Demo, Presentation external link
MediaWiki Cooperation. A user group for 3rd party users. For quite some time now, the idea has been around to build a separate entity that cares about the use of MediaWiki outside the Wikimedia world. It's time to tackle the task and work our way towards an institution of its own that cares for MediaWiki as a software product. A first effort has been made at Wikimania. Let's shape that user group together! Mglaser MediaWiki, User Group, Development Talk, Discussion external link
Github for developers Toniher Tutorial
Setting up Data Structures, Queries, Templates, Forms Introduction into usage, applications and development of SMW-based environments. We will demonstrate some of the capabilities and do hands-on parts on development and setup of the basic data structure, implementing templates and forms and querying and aggregating data. Ralf Roletschek, Franz Borrmann Tutorial external link
Introduction to SMW Extension creation An introduction to how to develop basic MediaWiki extensions. We will show how to create your own extensions to increase the possibilities of your wiki. Toniher Tutorial
Approved Revs v1.0 with Semantic Approvers The MediaWiki extension "Approved Revs" is great for giving admins the ability to approve edits before allowing them to be displayed to the world. However the current version does not allow certain users to approve some pages and other users to approve other pages. The upcoming release of Approved Revs v1.0 will give this capability. Additionally, it allows approval of files. Jamesmontalvo3 Talk, Technical talk external link
History of the EVA Wiki How NASA Mission Operations used a semantic wiki to solve its knowledge management problem. The EVA wiki makes our data more useful with semantic properties, queries, and integration with outside databases. Jamesmontalvo3, User:Darenwelsh Talk external link
SMW as a part of an Industry 4.0 Landscape This talk details how SMW can be part of an Industry 4.0 landscape. Planetenxin Industry 4.0; Internet of Things; Cyber-Physical Systems; Semantic Technologies; Workflow Automation; Enterprise Messaging Talk external link
Introduction to MediaWiki extensions creation An introduction to how to develop basic MediaWiki extensions. We will show how to create your own extensions to increase the possibilities of your wiki. Toniher mediawiki, extension, jquery Tutorial
Wikibase, the Software behind Wikidata Last year, Wikidata, the project that brings structured data to Wikipedia, was presented at SMWCon. This talk is all about Wikibase, the software behind Wikidata. Jeroen De Dauw Wikidata, Wikibase Talk external link
Github for Non-Developers Stefan Kasberger Tutorial
Relaunch of HaloACL Following up the talk in Berlin, 2013, the progress of the Relaunch of HaloACL will be discussed. Breiter Access Control Talk external link
Mediawiki Extension Development An introduction to how to develop basic MediaWiki extensions. We will show how to create your own extensions to increase the possibilities of your wiki. Toniher Tutorial
Introduction to SMW Introduction into usage, applications and development of SMW-based environments. Ralf Roletschek, Franz Borrmann Tutorial external link
Lightning Talk Session 1 Series of very short talks (3 minutes, 5 slides max) on various topics. Please add name & title of your talk to this page, if you would like to contribute. You may also use to describe your talk. In this case, please leave a link to the subpage. Various Lightning talk
Meeting Minutes & Group Communication By using a single form and one key property, notes from meetings are now appended to associated topic pages (no more searching through email archives!). Going further, how to use the main page as a plaza to annunciate relevant meetings and featured articles. User:Darenwelsh Talk external link
Knowledge Management with Wikis Intro to the turorial day of SMWCon. Things to consider when using wikis as knowlege management tool. Krabina Bernhard Tutorial external link
Introducing HR Metadata The HR metadata is a wiki where the dutch national government is maintaining a set of HR-related definitions and contextualizations (based on the ISO 11179) model. In this presentation we'd like to show some of the features and ideas we used to build this system and some of troubles we encountered. Kroonkurk Talk external link
The Canton of Zurich will deploy a SMW-based portal to manage historical monuments About 5.700 historical monuments are located in the Canton of Zürich that are going to be managed and documented in a SMW-based portal that is delivered by DIQA. Michael Erdmann Talk external link
Hands-on session 1. Programming MediaWiki extension Toniher Tutorial
Complex Data Model Generation In this talk an object oriented modelling approach based on the JSON Schema format will be introduced for improved maintaining of complex data structure. Fannon knowledge model management, JSON Schema, Semantic Forms, Node.js, JavaScript Talk, Demo, Presentation external link
SMW between OpenData, OpenGLAM, Linked Data and the Semantic Web Overview of the Semantic MediaWiki ecosystem, it's todays relevance in relation to OpenData, WikiData, OpenGLAM and the Semantic Web. Krabina Bernhard open data, wikidata, dbpedia, glam, Semantic Web Talk external link
Introduction of plastic.js - how SMW can benefit from it Fannon Talk
SMW Use Cases at the Provincial Government of Lower Austria SMW is used as a tool documenting the IT infrastructure of the Provincial Government as well as for the backend of the Open Government Data catalogue. Gerald Streimelweger Talk external link
Interactive Pollutant Mapping Powered by SMW In many countries, the remediation of in-house pollutants such as PCB and asbestos has come into the focus. We want to show how SMW powered pollutant register and mapping can be used to document measurements, direct remedial actions and inform stakeholders. Franz Borrmann, Planetenxin Pollutant, Mapping, Remediation, Stakeholder Management Talk external link
Introducing Together.js Real-time Collaborative Editing with TogetherJS Scott Ananian Talk

A total of 27 contribution were made to SMWCon Spring 2014:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
A Resource to Support Multilingual Legal Literacy This will be a brief PowerPoint presentation to solicit questions and suggestions with regard to the utilization of Semantic MediaWiki as part of a project to support multilingual "legal literacy." Law Explorers legal literacy, linked data, Semantic MediaWiki, multilingual Lightning talk
Current plans and next steps for RDFIO Joel Sachs, Samuel Lampa, Ali King Technical talk
A MediaWiki Consortium -- What we're doing and how you can get involved The Wikimedia Foundation has contracted with my partner and I to start a MediaWiki organization that would be focused on non-WMF uses of MediaWiki. In this talk, I'll try to explain what problems we're trying to address and get the SMW community's input. MarkAHershberger Talk
SMW for Scientific Literature Management During this session we will demonstrate how a SMW-based system can be used for scientific literature management. Bahar Literature analysis, Semantic publishing, Text mining Talk external link
Open Data and SMW This talk explores the burgeoning open data movement, how SMW can be used to organize open data, and how it was implemented in New York City, with a preview of how it will be implemented nationally in the USA. Joel Natividad Talk
The Growth of a Semantic Wiki Inside a Large Healthcare Organization To let others interested in the use of Semantic MediaWiki understand how one industry - non-profit healthcare - is using the idea of the semantic web to better document and share information. Ckoerner, Nlkraut1 Talk, Demo, Presentation
Porting wikis to semantic wikis What are the best strategies, first steps to bring semantic to existing wikis? Yves Otis Semantic Forms, Schemas Talk
Community discussion Traditional SMWCon feedback session for all participants Markus Krötzsch Discussion
ProvenanceBee - Tracking Semantic Content and its Provenance in Semantic MediaWiki Installations This talk is about a system that presents summaries of detailed semantic activity in Semantic MediaWiki installations. YolandaGil Semantic Web, semantic data Talk
What Semantic Forms won't do An overview of the commonly-requested features for Semantic Forms that won't be implemented, at least in the foreseeable future. Yaron Koren Semantic Forms Talk
NATO's Use of SMW for Enterprise Architecture NATO's Allied Command Transformation has developed a tool and repository for Enterprise Architecture by using SMW for the definition of a data model in a so-called Enterprise Mapping Wiki. This presentation will provide a overview of the structure, development, and capabilities. Woudsma Enterprise Architecture, EA, framework, metamodel, semantic mediawiki Presentation
An Interactive Knowledge Sharing platform for Scientific Organization and Research Activities Management This talk illustrates the potential use of Semantic Mediawiki in organizing the research activities and scientific contributions within research teams. Sharing scientific knowledge among team members, reusing and dynamically generating content based on user requirements are the main objectives of this talk. EM Knowledge sharing, dynamic Content Generation, Collaboration Talk, Demo, Presentation
Semantic MediaWiki Farm Infrastructure for Multi-Organizational Sharing We recently deployed a wiki farm on the MITRE Partnership Network to support collaboration among MITRE and its partners. This talk will discuss the technical aspects of the infrastructure and the deployment process. Cicalese infrastructure, farming, deployment Talk
Science through Semantic Wikis Semantic wikis offer an alternative to organizing scientific knowledge. Several semantic wikis are currently in use in a variety of scientific domains. The goal of this session is to understand the motivations and benefits of using semantic wikis for science. YolandaGil Talk
Wikidata and what it means for SMW This keynote talk will given an overview of Wikidata and the underlying MediaWiki extension Wikibase, and it will discuss the impact that these developments have on SMW. Markus Krötzsch Keynote
Adding Natural Language Processing Support to Your (Semantic)MediaWiki Renew, Bahar Tutorial
Cirkipedia - Cirque du Soleil's own Wiki Background: with over 2500 songs in its catalogue, Cirque du Soleil needs a tool to document artistic aspects of each and every song. Jimmy St-Germain Arts, music, musique, cirque, circus Demo, Presentation
Collaborative Analytics: Where Groups Collaborate with Semantic Visualizations Our SMW wikis are converging on a requirement for groups to work together where the objects of interest are highly interconnected and where visualization can help decision-makers see patterns and gaps. Bernadette Clemente, Jji Presentation
Using the Miga Data Viewer A talk and demo for the Miga Data Viewer, including its features, its current usage, and its place within the SMW "ecosystem". Yaron Koren Talk, Demo
Next steps for RDFIO Alison King, Joel Sachs, Samuel Lampa Technical talk
Using SMW to characterize a new hospital challenges In the context of the planning and execution of the transition of a 3-sites merged hospitals into its brand new designed and built facility, SMW was implemented to facilitate the change process. SMW was used to help the teams and the organization to capture critical knowledge to help their transition towards their new facility. The presenters were at the forefront of the SMW implementation. In this case where the change magnitude for the operations and the whole organization were extraordinary, the presenters who were at the forefront of this work share their experience, lessons learned, and remaining questions. What are the critical things to put in place to ensure buy-in, motivation and confidence, in order to help teams adapt to an agile approach, prototyping and collective working to renew themselves? Guillaume Coulombe, Pierre Deschênes healthcare, transition, Semantic MediaWiki, Business Process Management, Collaboration, construction Talk

A total of 42 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2013:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Implementing Enterprise Knowledge Base In this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate how to implement enterprise knowledge base using SMW. Yks Talk, Technical talk, Presentation, Regular talk external link
An Analysis of Semantic Wiki Communities: Why Are They Embracing Properties and Not Concepts? This talk describes the analysis of the behaviors of semantic wiki communities and suggests improving the ability of a wiki community to contribute. YolandaGil semantic wiki communities, properties, concepts Talk external link
The Other Extensions The average SMW-based wiki has a bunch of other extensions installed, semantic and otherwise, and this tutorial covers some of them, with a special focus on Semantic Forms. Yaron Koren Tutorial
OWL Wiki Forms (OWF): A Style Language that Generates Wikis from Semantic Web Ontologies A description of the semantic wiki style langauge OWF and how to use it to efficiently start up browse and form-based annotation wikis for given ontologies. Lloyd Rutledge Style language, Semantic Web, OWL, RDFS, Semantic Forms, Fresnel Talk external link
NYCpedia - from raw open data to actionable open knowledge using SMW How SMW was used to create a knowledgebase from NYC's municipal open data Joel Natividad open data, open knowledge, geospatial Talk, Demo external link
Breaking News Detection with Wikidata and Wikipedia This talk informs about the work of incorporating Wikidata in "Wikipedia Live Monitor" tool. Tomayac breaking news detection, wikidata, wikipedia Talk external link
Using the Wikidata API An introduction to the Wikidata API Daniel Kinzler, Tobias Gritschacher MediaWiki, Wikidata, API Tutorial
The User's Perspective: Customer and Contact Management with Semantic MediaWiki Lessons Learnt and Development Perspectives Michael Scherm CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Management Talk
Building on top of SMW An introduction to SMW development Jeroen De Dauw mediawiki Presentation
Building enterprise knowledge using semantic encyclopedias Our team has created more than 50 semantic encyclopedias since 2006 to build enterprise knowledge at MITRE and customer sites. We will share our social and organizational lessons learned. Bernadette Clemente, Cicalese Talk, Technical talk external link
Hands-on session 3. Wikidata programming A tutorial showing you how to use Wikidata to enrich data in your wiki Daniel Kinzler, Tobias Gritschacher MediaWiki, Wikidata, API Tutorial
Modeling projects in SMW In this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate how to implement projects using SMW. Yks Tutorial
State of Wikidata A quick look at what Wikidata has achieved so far and where it is going Lydia Pintscher Wikidata Talk external link
Semantic Forms: What's new, what's still missing A listing of recent changes and additions to the Semantic Forms extension, and a discussion of what features should be added. Yaron Koren, Himeshi Semantic Forms, roadmap, VisualEditor, Scribunto Talk external link
SMW in the Public Sector - lessons learned and future requirements KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research has been using SMW in different use cases in the public sector since version 0.9. The talk will showcase some projects and derive lessons learned as well as analyze future requirements to improve usage and uptake of SMW in the public sector. Krabina Bernhard Public Sector Talk external link
Semantic MediaWiki and Neuroscience Data - A Blue Brain Perspectiv Presents "DataSpace/LabSpace/KnowledgeSpace" a tool that allows to integrate existing data and knowledge on a global level. Martintelefont data integration, tool Talk, Demo external link
Effective metadata management of sensor networks using SMW Towards a collaborative metadata management system for sensor networks using SMW. Steps taken and lessons learned Noteboom sensor networks metadata meteo Talk external link
Potential analysis for hydro power using Semantic MediaWiki A short talk about how Semantic MediaWiki can be used for hydrological analysis Robert Ulrich Hydrology, Sparql, Scribunto Talk external link
Organic Data Science: Opening Scientific Data Curation This keynote describes how an organic data science approach can benefit Semantic MediaWiki projects for social knowledge collection, particularly those focusing on big data integration and analysis. YolandaGil keynote, semantic data Keynote external link
Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi The talk will be about the work that we have done and still currently doing to develop a theoretical and practical framework that supports the integrated model of processes and ontology, consisting in the creation of a single integrated model in which both aspects are formally represented. Dragoni SMW, Business Process Management, Decision Making, data integration Talk, Regular talk external link
DBpedia Mappings wiki DBpedia mappings wiki is an open wiki where poeple can map wikipedia infoboxes to the DBpedia ontology Anjeve linked data, dbpedia Talk external link
Introduction to MediaWiki extensions creation An introduction to how to develop basic MediaWiki extensions. We will show how to create your own extensions to increase the possibilities of your wiki. Toniher mediawiki, extension, jquery Tutorial
Introduction to (Semantic) MediaWiki This tutorial is for the absolute beginners. It introduces the (Semantic) MediaWiki platform for collaborative content management, starting from basic page creation and climbing the complexity ladder to advanced semantic annotations and queries. Michael Erdmann MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki Tutorial
SMW development workshop Jeroen De Dauw mediawiki Workshop
SMW for business Talk on using SMW as a working environment for small companies, covering processes from CRM to invoicing. AdSvS Talk external link
Adding power to educational and research wikis with Semantic MediaWiki We will describe some uses of wikis in education and research and then discusses how Semantic Mediawiki (SMW) extensions could enhance the user experience in educational and research wikis. We will draw on our own experience with EduTechwiki and related sister sites and on a short literature review. We shall focus on education, but include enhancements to informal research wikis, since sometimes the two are combined. We finally raise a few practical issues with respect to learning SMW technology. Daniel K. Schneider semantic mediawiki, semantic forms, education, research Talk external link
Hands-on session. Programming a MediaWiki extension We will put to test what we learnt in previous sessions and we will code some extensions Toniher mediawiki, extension, jquery Workshop
SmartCore™ – Managing SMW content structure for dummies Creating and maintaining the content structure of your wiki with forms and templates is cumbersome since wiki code is not very user friendly. With SmartCore you manage content structure as plain content. Eoord Content structuring, knowledge model management Talk external link
Role-based Access Control in SMW Breiter Access Control, Security Talk external link
Current status and next steps for SMW The yearly "what has happened and what are we currently working on" talk Jeroen De Dauw yearly, roadmap Talk external link
Challenges with Annotating Liver Patient Data for Cognition-Guided Surgery We describe preliminary insights about annotating liver patient data in a research project on cognition-guided surgery. Benedikt Kaempgen, Andreas Adler, Patrick Philipp surgery, annotation, semantic forms, excel Talk external link
Lightweight data browsing with Miga How to run and use the Miga Data Viewer, and how it fits into the Semantic MediaWiki ecosystem. Yaron Koren Mobile, Semantic Drilldown Talk, Demo external link
Using Semantic MediaWiki in enterprise architechture In this tutorial the participants will learn how semantic wikis can be used to manage architectural knowledge. Tschijv Tutorial
Semantic Time Traveling: Tagging and Branching Knowledge with SMW (a vision) In this talk, I would like to explore with the audience the possibilities to 'travel through time' in Semantic MediaWiki, borrowing concepts and ideas from version control systems. Rcdeboer Talk external link
Improving dependency management and easing upgrades A look at the improvements being made to MediaWiki that will benefit you Mglaser Talk external link
Community discussion Traditional SMWCon feedback session for all participants Markus Krötzsch Discussion
Developing professional standards with SMW A professional standard is a document that describes the skills and responsibilities relating to a professional's position. In this talk we describe how a community can collaboratively write a professional standard using Semantic MediaWiki. Yury Katkov professional standards, crowdsourcing, groupsourcing, documents, microsoft word, ranking, voting, subobjects Talk external link
Semantic Business Process Management - BPM meets SMW In this talk, I would like to show, how BPM could benefit from semantic technologies through the use of Semantic MediaWiki. successfully implemented numerous Semantic MediaWiki powered BPM projects since 2011. I'd like to share some insights with the community and enterprise users. Planetenxin Business Process Management, BPM, Collaborative, Social, Agile Talk external link
Revolutionizing page naming with semantic properties Quite often, we find it helpful to have the actual name of a page from the perspective of MediaWiki to be an automatically-generated static page id, while allowing a semantic property to indicate a name that would be meaningful to a user. This creates complications, including how to select a page in a field of a semantic form. To support this alternative approach to page naming, we have used a modified version of the SemanticTitle extension as well as several extensions to SemanticForms that we have custom developed and are in the process of submitting to the open source community. Cicalese, Bernadette Clemente Talk, Technical talk external link
SMW in Technical Documentation We would like to give a short introduction to established methods in technical writing and typical features of content management systems. Then talk about SMW as tool for writing and accessing documentation. Mash, Jonas Waeckerle structured authoring, DITA, technical writing Talk external link
BlueForge Feature Matrix: Wikidata - An experience report This talk covers the experience made with Wikidata by "Hallo Welt! Medienwerkstatt GmbH". It's about why we chose it and what were the difficulties we had to deal with. Mglaser, RVogel Wikidata, BlueForge, API Talk, Technical talk external link

A total of 24 contribution were made to SMWCon Spring 2013:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Beyond points How to turn SMW into a complete Geographic Information System Pierre Racine Talk
Modeling an Enterprise Architecture with SMW My colleagues and I at Cogeco Cable, Montreal, Canada, have been using SMW to model our application, data and business process architectures and mapping them to a telecom industry reference architecture called Frameworx. Dbeeson Talk external link
"Data is data" and the future of data browsing Toward a unified theory of data browsing, and what it means for SMW's browsing functionality, including Semantic Drilldown and others. Yaron Koren Talk external link
DevOps A development and operations (DevOps) system using SMW for configuration and visualization. David Mason, Bill Doran Talk
The extensions of the Semantic Bundle Yaron Koren Talk
"Wikidata and SMW", differences, overlap, interplay, future hi-res gotomeeting recording of Denny's Keynote and slide deck. Joint Q&A can be found in the Introduction. Denny Vrandecic, Jeroen De Dauw Talk external link
New features in Maps and Semantic Maps Jeroen De Dauw Talk external link
ArchE: An SMW-based Architecture Repository, Discussion & demo of ArchE, our enterprise infrastructure architecture repository used to track relationships between architecture definitions, patterns, and building blocks. Larryc Talk external link
MediaWiki, the Semantic Web, and Semantic MediaWiki Yaron Koren Talk
Making Complex Data Interactive with SMW Demo of OpenEI, the 56,000+ page semantic wiki sponsored by the US Department of Energy, focused on a recent endeavor to store geothermal energy data within the SMW structure Jay Huggins Talk
SMW and NYC Organizing the City's Open Data, Demo of, the high-resolution semantic wiki of NYC. Joel Natividad Talk
New features in Semantic Result Formats An overview of all the awesome new features in Semantic Result Formats 1.8/1.9 Jeroen De Dauw Talk external link
Current status and next steps for SMW Presenting the Semantic Assistants Wiki-NLP integration architecture for automatically deriving SMW metadata from wiki contents through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its application in the IntelliGenWiki for genomics research as well as the ReqWiki system for Software Requirements Engineering. Bahar Talk external link
SMW for Fun and Profit Thoughts on the MediaWiki and SMW consulting business. Yaron Koren Talk
"Clay Shirky" Introduction video recording combines Clay's intro and Denny's presentation, with a joint Q&A session at the end. Note that viewers can skip to the appropriate point by clicking on the timecode in Vimeo. Clay Shirky Talk external link
Automating SMW install and data loading. 3 codes to install, read, and write to a SMW Mike Cariaso Talk
Hands-on session Live customization of a Semantic MediaWiki: CSS, jQuery, Result formats. Yaron Koren, Lalquier Tutorial
Case Study: Upgrading SMW A look at OpenEI's migration from SMW 1.5 to 1.8, applied to over 56k pages. Jay Huggins Talk
MediaWiki API Get that data while it's still fresh Yuri Astrakhan Talk
SMW+ Extensions Roadmap A tour of how best to preserve & reuse each of the SMW extensions created by (now-defunct) Ontoprise under Project Halo. (Remote talk) Talk
Hands-on session Live building of a Semantic MediaWIki: data structure, forms, templates using NYC Open Data Yaron Koren, Lalquier Tutorial
Current status and next steps for SMW The yearly "what has happened and what are we currently working on" talk Jeroen De Dauw Talk
Using SMW in University Courses About upper-level undergrad philosophy courses using SMW to provide students with collaboration opportunities, resources, self-directed learning. Kirk McDermid Talk

A total of 31 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2012:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Customizing MediaWiki skin actions with SMW Micro-tutorial on improving the wiki UI using SMW data Markus Krötzsch Lightning talk external link
Brain-Inspired Expertise Management Using SMW and brain-inspired expertise management ontology for expertise management Hans Presentation external link
OntoWiki - A Linked Data Wiki The talk about the main SMW competitor: Ontowiki Pfrischmuth Presentation external link
Developing SMW (extensions) An introduction to how to develop Semantic MediaWiki and extensions Jeroen De Dauw Technical talk external link
New features in Maps and Semantic Maps An overview of all the cool new stuff in Maps and Semantic Maps as well as a peek to what's on the horizon Jeroen De Dauw, Nischayn22 Talk external link
Linked Answers for Smarter Cities The desctiption of pediacities platform for creating Linked Data applications for the cities Joel Natividad Presentation external link
Agile Knowledge Management with SMW+ In this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate the additional features provided by SMW+. Michael Erdmann Tutorial external link
Current status and next steps for SMW The yearly "what happened and what are we working on now" talk Markus Krötzsch, Jeroen De Dauw Presentation external link
SolrStore Fieldbased Search for SMW SBachenberg Technical talk external link
Wikidata: Semantic Wikipedia Wikidata: Semantic Wikipedia Denny Vrandecic Wikidata Keynote external link
Toneelstof Toneelstof is a website showcasing 4 decades of theater history in Flanders, Belgium Michael Murtaugh Lightning talk external link
Filtered result format A talk about the new Filtered result format F.trott Talk external link
Improvements in SQLStore3 Things done to make your wiki faster Nischayn22 Presentation external link
Semantic MediaWiki: An Introcuction A first introduction to MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki Markus Krötzsch Tutorial external link – past / present / future An overview of activity and contents on Kghbln Lightning talk external link
New features in Semantic Result Formats An overview of all the awesome new features in Semantic Result Formats 1.8 MWJames, Jeroen De Dauw Talk external link
Crowdsourcing knowledge acquisition via SMW+ Michael Erdmann, Wil Smith, Jesse Presentation
SMW in Wikia Experience using SMW in the biggest wiki farm in the world Eloy.wikia Presentation
The Information Workbench The description of very powerful wiki-like semantic information platform Phaase Keynote external link
Semantic MediaWiki for Collaborative Corpora Analysis Linguistic application of SMW Basil Ell Presentation external link
Semantic Expressiveness and RPG-Dev-Wiki About "Semantic Expressiveness" extension and how it is used in the "RPG-Dev-Wiki" system Danwe Presentation external link
Architectural knowledge management with SMW Here we want to describe some of our work on architectural knowledge management with SMW for the Dutch e-government, especially our recent work on an interconnected system of semantic wiki's. Rcdeboer Talk
Fighting Spam in MediaWiki All about spam and how to prevent it Yury Katkov Technical talk external link
BlueSpice The description of BlueSpice - an easy-to-use enterprise MediaWiki bundle. What are the common obstacles the developers of the BlueSpice and SMW now have? Can BlueSpice take advantage of including SMW into the bundle? Mglaser Presentation external link
Collaborative Financial Analysis using Semantic MediaWiki Using Semantic MediaWiki for a more agile approach of collaborative budgeting, expense planning, and analysis in a use case of finance management within a research group. Benedikt Kaempgen, Tobias Zundel finance, pivot analyis, triple store, planning, case study Talk external link
SOFISwiki Social Science Projects stored and acquired with a SMW Peter Mutschke Presentation external link
Web Tools for Semantic Publishing The KWARC research group has been developing a stack of solutions for semantic publishing (making documents interactive based on semantic annotations) of technical/scientific documents. Cjucovschi Presentation external link

Contributions made to SMWCon Spring 2012: So far no contributions were added.

A total of 1 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2011:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Using SMW as a Semantic Web Browser and Connecting Semantic MediaWiki to statistical data Here we present the Semantic Web Browser extension as well as a way to analyse statistical data using SMW Benedikt Kaempgen semantic web browser, extension, pivot analysis Talk

Contributions made to SMWCon Spring 2011: So far no contributions were added.

A total of 1 contribution were made to SMWCon Fall 2010:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
SMW System Testing with Selenium Black box testing. Benedikt Kaempgen selenium, system testing, unit testing, code quality Talk external link

Contributions made to SMWCon Spring 2010: So far no contributions were added.