Julian Hocker

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Name  Hocker
First name  Julian
Job title  Researcher at Leibniz Institute for educational research and information
Photo  Photo 2016-09-28 110436 Julian Hocker.jpg
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Social links  https://twitter.com/julianhocker
About me  Interested in Open Science, Virtual Research environments, Usability, Digital Humanities
Publish?  Yes
Events  SMWCon Fall 2016, SMWCon Fall 2017

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Talk Other SMWCon TalksDescriptionEvent
A Citizen Science Approach for a SMW-based eHumanities ProjectUse of open educational resources (OER) for Citizen ScienceSMWCon Fall 2018
Semantic MediaWiki in Humanities, Education and Social ScienceThis workshop presents and discusses Semantic MediaWiki as a tool and environment for research in Digital Social, Educational and Humanities Research.SMWCon Fall 2017