Matching of External and Wiki Content by Entity Matching

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SMWCon Fall 2014Matching of External and Wiki Content by Entity Matching
SMWCon Fall 2014
Enriching SMW based Virtual Research Environments with external data
Talk details
Description: Integrating Entity Matching in MediaWiki/SMW to enrich wiki content.
Speaker(s): Jan Novacek
Slides: see here
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2014/10/02 02:45:00 PM
Event finish: 2014/10/02 03:00:00 PM
Length: 15 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: Virtual Research Environments, Entity Matching, MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, Extension
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Wiki content can be enriched with external data by using Entity Matching.

The functionality of SMW to add meta data explicitly with defined semantics is particularly suited for applying Entity Matching to problems where wiki content needs to be matched to external data.
Within the context of the Semantic CorA project a plugin for MediaWiki/SMW has been developed which enables wiki users to identify corresponding entities in external datasets such as a RDF file or a triplestore via SPARQL. Apart from the fact that this can add further value to a wiki, Entity Matching can also be used to generate links between objects which supports the Linked Data effort.