An Interactive Knowledge Sharing platform for Scientific Organization and Research Activities Management

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Has conference::SMWCon Spring 2014
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Description: [[Has description::This talk illustrates the potential use of Semantic Mediawiki in organizing the research activities and scientific contributions within research teams. Sharing scientific knowledge among team members, reusing and dynamically generating content based on user requirements are the main objectives of this talk.]]
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Length: Has duration::20-30 min
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Keywords: Has keyword::Knowledge sharing, Has keyword::dynamic Content Generation, Has keyword::Collaboration
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{{#set: Has video plain= }} Sharing scientific research experiences and activities within research team members remains one of the main challenges in the scientific domain. Classifying scientific contributions, according to the team’s research areas and directions, is crucial for the management of the research team activities and for positioning the quality of the research compared to the scientific evolution. The coordination of the different scientific contributions within the research team is the key factor for providing a high quality of research, identifying the team competences and new research directions. Currently, this process seems to be timely cost. It requires organizing meetings or exchanging email among the research team members to get a detailed view on what they are working or consulting members’ publications.

In this context, we developed an Interactive Knowledge Management platform for scientific knowledge acquisition and sharing. Research team members semantically annotate both their personal information and their scientific contributions based on their interests. The implementation of this platform is based on Semantic Mediawiki and other extensions to provide a collaborative user friendly environment for those who are not familiar with SMW. Another important feature is the dynamic generation of scientific reports based on user requirements.