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Name  Roletschek
First name  Ralf
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About me  I'm Wiki Consultant for Data-Farms at Volkswagen AG and i have a private page with SMW.

More information: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Ralf_Roletschek

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Talk Other SMWCon TalksDescriptionEvent
Understanding ontology componentsThis workshop aims to prepare a scenario for a simpleshow explaining the basics on ontology componentsSMWCon Fall 2015
Catalan modernism in architectureEine deutschsprachige Stadtführung mit dem Schwerpunkt Katalanischer Modernismus in der Architektur.SMWCon Fall 2015
Photography tourSummarizing the day and invitation to go on a photography tour together. Pictures of Vienna will be uploaded to Vienna Wiki and/or Creative CommonsSMWCon Fall 2014
Setting up Data Structures, Queries, Templates, FormsIntroduction into usage, applications and development of SMW-based environments. We will demonstrate some of the capabilities and do hands-on parts on development and setup of the basic data structure, implementing templates and forms and querying and aggregating data.SMWCon Fall 2014
Introduction to SMWIntroduction into usage, applications and development of SMW-based environments.SMWCon Fall 2014