SMWCon Fall 2021

SMWCon Fall 20214 wikis in health care
SMWCon Fall 2021
The 18th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.
Conference details
Start: 2021-12-08
Finish: 2021-12-10
General Chair: Bernhard Krabina
Local Chair: Silliam Bims
Program Chair: Ad Strack van Schijndel

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Table of Contents

SMWCon Fall 2021 - the 18th Semantic MediaWiki Conference:

December 8 - 10, 2021, online. Free virtual conference!

  • Location: online at Hopin. Virtual conference due to the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Social Media: The hashtag on Semantic MediaWiki on Twitter Twitter is #SMWCon

Conference audience and mission[edit]

This conference is addressing everybody interested in wikis and open knowledge, especially in Semantic MediaWiki, e.g. users, developers, consultants, business or government representatives, and researchers.

This conference shall:

  • inspire/onboard new users,
  • inform on where and how MediaWiki is used,
  • convey and consolidate best practices,
  • initiate/foster/integrate application and development and
  • strengthen the community of stakeholders and its service portfolio.

Learn how to "do" MediaWiki in order to assume your responsibilities regarding your organization's knowledge management.

Registration and Event[edit]

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Videos of the talks are available here.

Please note: The times given here are in Central European Time (CET | UTC+1).

Conference Day 1 - Wednesday, December 8
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15 min.
Overview of the conference
60 min.
Why NASA uses Semantic Mediawiki (and why you should too)
30 min.
The content of multidisciplinary modular guidelines shall be trustworthy, unambiguous and consistent and therefore are well suited for the introduction of Semantic Web Technology to manage these crucial facets of medical knowledge management.
30 min.
How to use Semantic Mediawiki to aggregate Clubs statistics and their players numbers.
30 min.
Open CSP in short is envisioned to be the MediaWiki based foundation for knowledge and productivity platforms. This talk is about Open CSP and the ideas behind it.
30 min.
The Dutch Digital Heritage Network has developed an online tool - based on SMW - that helps archives and heritage organisations to formulate their policy on file formats. It builds a knowledge base, via a smart combination of codification of formats on one hand and personalisation of tailor made policies on the other. For creating the tool we linked different sources, like Wikidata, Pronom, NARA Risk Matrix and COPTR. Reusing information from different sources is an important starting point, but linking different sources also gives lots of challenges. This talk will explain how the online tool's construction and use of the tool by the target audience.
60 min.
30 min.
The current state of development and usage of "Enterprise MediaWiki" - MediaWiki as used by businesses and organizations.
30 min.
  • Why do I care about a Content Services Platform (CSP)?
  • How does MediaWiki support CSP's?
  • 20:00
    30 min.
    BlueSpice 4 will introduce a new workflow engine. The talk explores it's possibilities in relation to Semantic MediaWiki.
    30 min.
    I share my methods for building lots of templates and welcome you to share your practices. In particular I zoom in on the use case for Graphviz.

    Conference Day 2 - Thursday, December 9
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    30 min.
    Maintainable and flexible interfaces with Skin Components
    15 min.
    You will learn about recent developments in the Semantic MediaWiki project, including the upcoming SMW 4.0 release.
    15 min.
    The results of the SMW user survey will be presented.
    150 min.
    Half-day workshop on using MediaWiki with Docker
    90 min.
    Half-day workshop on using MediaWiki and Docker
    30 min.
    How WMF is going about modernizing the MediaWiki code base
    30 min.
    Where are we in the goal to replacing the legacy wikitetx parser with the new Parsoid project? What future features will this unlock? What does the transition mean for SMW? Short presentation followed by Q&A.
    30 min.
    Description of the API Platform, including some historical context, some architectural thoughts, and how adding functionality to a MediaWiki installation via services is a valid path, both for WMF and non-WMF installations.

    Conference Day 3 - Friday, December 10
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    30 min.
    Our extension implements the ontology modeling patterns language OTTR into SMW, allowing the definition and instantiation of patterns by users, supporting the most common OTTR features.
    30 min.
    The HochN-Wiki is a collaborative knowledge platform aiming to support the work for Sustainable Higher Education. I report on the basic use of the wiki, the current state of building the community around it and also its unlikely emergence as a major outcome of the project itself, as there was zero funding planned for it in the initial project proposal.
    30 min.
    Digital transformation projects require a shared understanding of the domain in scope to align the different parties involved. We propose to use a semantic knowledge graph to achieve this. The SMW is used as editor for the required ontologies, the business practice templates and the instances of the enterprise model. SMW synchronizes semantic data into a triple-db. We explain and show how such a use case can be modeled. We show how the semantic model can be explored with an intuitive user interface using external apps.
    30 min.
    As part of the H2020 project PLEIADES, we have developed a core ontology for the decommissioning of complex facilities. This will be the basis for connecting various softwares together, on our side this will be SMW.
    30 min.
    In a semantic mediawiki pages often have 1:n relations such as event series and event. Editing such a setup is tedious because each page needs to be modified individually. A much more natural approach would be to have a spreadsheet editing capability. In this talk we present a solution based on the python libraries created in the ConfIDent project.
    15 min.


    To let others know that you will be attending, please add your name below:

    1. Bernhard Krabina
    2. Ad Strack van Schijndel
    3. Silliam Bims
    4. Jeroen De Dauw, SMW maintainer (Professional.Wiki)
    5. Karsten Hoffmeyer, SMW maintainer (Professional.Wiki)
    6. Wouter Rademaker
    7. Wolfgang Fahl
    8. Alexander Gesinn ( GmbH & Co. KG)
    9. Markus Wagenhofer ( GmbH & Co. KG)
    10. Richard Heigl
    11. Morne Alberts
    12. Paul Meredith
    13. Andrew Paulton
    14. Daniel de Kay
    15. Bryan Hilderbrand
    16. Lia Veja
    17. Eric Colombel
    18. Mingyur Koblensky
    19. Jeremi Plazas
    20. Marcus Perman
    21. Tom Fellows
    22. Yaron Koren
    23. Richard Evans (NASA Armstrong Test Facility)
    24. Joris Dirks (ArchiXL)
    25. Dietmar Trees
    26. Jeffrey Wang
    27. Cindy Cicalese
    28. Lex Sulzer
    29. Frans van der Horst (Reinier de Graaf Hospital Delft NL)
    30. Tim Holzheim RWTH Aachen i5
    31. Ike Hecht (WikiTeq)
    32. Patrick Marvin (WikiTeq)
    33. Ton van der Zwet
    34. Greg Rundlett (Pegasystems)
    35. Bill Tremblay (Pegasystems)
    36. David Every
    37. Thilo Schroth
    38. Eduardo Ferreira
    39. Thomas Wolf
    40. Remco de Boer
    41. Yaron Koren
    42. Eric-Jan van Kakerken (Wikibase Solutions)
    43. Franz Borrmann (iUS)
    44. Sabine Melnicki
    45. Viktor Schelling (Wikibase Solutions)
    46. Jared Olson (USSF)
    47. Lexi McGillivray
    48. Michael Erdmann (DIQA GmbH)
    49. thomas-topway-it
    50. Dennis Groenewegen
    51. Julian Hocker
    52. Martin Gruner
    53. Peter J. Woudsma (NATO)
    54. Mark A. Hershberger (NicheWork, LLC)
    55. Tina Tenbergen
    56. Barry McGrath
    57. Ansgar Steinhorst
    58. Laurent Mischler
    59. Charlot Cobben, (Wikibase Solutions)
    60. Marijn van Wezel (Wikibase Solutions)
    61. Frank Ralf (parson AG)
    62. Derick Alangi


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