Bernhard Krabina

Name  Krabina
First name  Bernhard
Job title  Partner at KMA Knowledge Management Austria
Photo  Agenda-bernhard krabina.png
Agenda Picture  Agenda-bernhard_krabina.png
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About me  Bernhard Krabina is a knowledge management specialst at Knowledge Management Austria in Vienna, Austria. He is an admistrator of various SMW installations - mainly for use cases in the public sector.
Publish?  Yes
Events  SMWCon Fall 2013,SMWCon Fall 2014,SMWCon Fall 2016,SMWCon Fall 2017, SMWCon_Fall_2022, SMWCon_Fall_2023

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Talk Other SMWCon TalksDescriptionEvent
ClosingSMWCon Fall 2023
WelcomeSMWCon Fall 2023
SMW Community & SurveyThe talk will give a brief overview of the SMW Community and results from the community survey.SMWCon Fall 2023
Linked Data with SMWThe next SMW release will include and other vocabularies ready for re-use. The tutorial will cover aspects of linking to external data sources, re-using external vocabularies, and providing identifiers to be used to link to your own wiki.SMWCon Fall 2022
IntroductionOverview of the conferenceSMWCon Fall 2021
Break3SMWCon Fall 2021
SMW User SurveyThe results of the SMW user survey will be presented.SMWCon Fall 2021
Knowledge Management in Austrian government institutionsSMW powers a knowledge platform for the topic of knowledge management in the public sectorSMWCon Fall 2020
Linked Data with SMW (Tutorial)How to use external vocabularies (e. g. FOAF) and reference to external idenifiers (e. g. Wikidata ID) with SMW.SMWCon Fall 2020
FINA Wiki - SMW supporting numismatic researchThe FINA Wiki brings together evidence primarily about numismatic correspondence that was exchanged before 1800. In a project for the Austrian Academy of Sciences a SMW powered wiki shows how manuscript sources can be managed to support numismatic research.SMWCon Fall 2019
SMW Social Media ActivitiesThe SMW social media channels (twitter, facebook, youtube) could need some more love and strategy. This is something where non-developers can help out. Join a discussion about what social media channels should be offered, how they should be managed. Help out to spread the word about SMW!SMWCon Fall 2019
Data Cockpit - SMW as GDPR compliance toolHow SMW can be used to fulfill documentation requirements posed on organizations by the General Data Protection RegulationSMWCon Fall 2018
Data Management in Organizations with SMW - fulfilling GDPR requirementsThe EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) opens a unique window of opportunity for SMW to be used to document records of processing activities in organizations.SMWCon Fall 2017
Semantic MediaWiki and Open Data – the Vienna History Wiki and the OGD CockpitThe talk will feature the Vienna History Wiki ("Wien Geschichte Wiki"), a government platform on Vienna's city history.SMWCon Fall 2016
SMW between OpenData, OpenGLAM, Linked Data and the Semantic WebOverview of the Semantic MediaWiki ecosystem, it's todays relevance in relation to OpenData, WikiData, OpenGLAM and the Semantic Web.SMWCon Fall 2014
Knowledge Management with WikisIntro to the turorial day of SMWCon. Things to consider when using wikis as knowlege management tool.SMWCon Fall 2014
SMW in the Public Sector - lessons learned and future requirementsKDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research has been using SMW in different use cases in the public sector since version 0.9. The talk will showcase some projects and derive lessons learned as well as analyze future requirements to improve usage and uptake of SMW in the public sector.SMWCon Fall 2013



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