Semantic MediaWiki 4 and Other News

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SMWCon Fall 2021Semantic MediaWiki 4 and Other News
SMWCon Fall 2021
Semantic MediaWiki 4 and Other News
Talk details
Description: You will learn about recent developments in the Semantic MediaWiki project, including the upcoming SMW 4.0 release.
Speaker(s): Jeroen De Dauw
Slides: see here
Type: Lightning talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2021/12/09 15:00:00
Event finish: 2021/12/09 15:15:00
Length: 15 minutes
Video: click here
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Yearly Semantic MediaWiki overview.

  • The numbers
  • Upcoming SMW 4.0 release
  • How you can get help
  • How you can contribute

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