Introducing HR Metadata

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SMWCon Fall 2014Introducing HR Metadata
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Introducing HR Metadata
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Description: The HR metadata is a wiki where the dutch national government is maintaining a set of HR-related definitions and contextualizations (based on the ISO 11179) model. In this presentation we'd like to show some of the features and ideas we used to build this system and some of troubles we encountered.
Speaker(s): Tom Kronenburg
Slides: see here
Type: Talk
Event start: 2014/10/03 12:00:00 AM
Event finish: 2014/10/03 12:30:00 PM
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
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We faced a number of challenges when building this system:

  • The wiki needed to be WCAG 2.0 compliant.
  • The wiki needed to be in the 'corporate style' for the Dutch Government
  • The wiki needed to be both open for collaboration and closed because some of the data is not to be compromised
  • The wiki needed a faceted search function

IN the talk we will show you how we worked around those challenges, and how we are currently using the wiki. We will also tell you about the extensions we use, and the solutions and problems they represent.