Practical introduction to using SMW

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Practical introduction to using SMW (Tutorial)
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Description: This tutorial will be an introduction to using Semantic MediaWiki, I will talk about how we use Semantic MediaWiki for our projects at Wikibase Solutions, and will give some examples and a hands-on tutorial on how to use Semantic MediaWiki for your own projects.
Speaker(s): Robis Koopmans
Slides: see here
Type: Tutorial
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2020/11/24 10:00:00
Event finish: 2020/11/24 11:30:00
Length: 90 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: introduction
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With Semantic MediaWiki you can create much more than flexible knowledge management systems. Semantic MediaWiki can be the heart of the data structure for almost any application you can think of. Because creating these structures is so flexible it's a perfect tool for creating highly customizable solutions.

In this talk we will explore some of the possibilities and uscases, I will talk about my own experience with Semantic MediaWiki as a front-end developer. And how we use Semantic MediaWiki for some of our projects at Wikibase Solutions.

I will give some easy to follow examples, and we will be creating some basic demo using mediawiki templates and Semantic MediaWiki parser functions.

Finally we will use the Semantic MediaWiki JavaScript API to create a small interactive demo

My name is Robis Koopmans I’m a developer at Wikibase Solutions, [[1]] I specialize in Front-end development, I have a background in design and I’m an opensource and MediaWiki enthusiast.

Wikibase Solutions is a leading business solutions provider in applications (offering consultancy, development, implementation, training, maintenance and support). Using MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and other platforms/frameworks. Experienced in AWS, Azure and ElasticSearch. We have a happy worldwide clientbase in public and private sector. With a strong presence in US and Western Europe.