Jesse Wang


Jesse Wang is a software architect who leads, designs and oversees the execution of cutting-edge semantic applications, including SMW-related projects sponsored by Project Halo at Vulcan Inc.. He is interested in social semantic web, information retrieval and filtering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and productivity tools in general.

Jesse has been involved in Semantic MediaWiki-related development since 2008, and was also active in Next Generation of Semantic Wiki discussion forum and WikiNG project. His current R&D interest is in Automatic Question Answering related stuff, from hybrid search to Natural Language Processing in a social setting.

Jesse organized SMWCon Spring 2011 and SMWCon Spring 2012. He attends (often speaks at) related technology conferences, such as SMWCon, SemTech, ISWC, ASWC/JIST, NIPS, WWW, and so on... Jesse is a member of OSDA steering committee.

Jesse can be reached at JesseW at his company name or via site email, and on Twitter as @aiwang, and LinkedIn too.