SMW+ Extensions Roadmap

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SMWCon Spring 2013SMW+ Extensions Roadmap
SMWCon Spring 2013
SMW+ Extensions Roadmap
Talk details
Description: A tour of how best to preserve & reuse each of the SMW extensions created by (now-defunct) Ontoprise under Project Halo. (Remote talk)
Speaker(s): John_McClure
Slides: see here
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2013/03/21 12:00:00
Event finish: 2013/03/21 12:30:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
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SMW+ Architecture[edit]

  • Goals still valid
    • Boost Web 3.0
    • Help open software
    • Promote S/MW
  • Create baseline semantic tools for: search, ingestion, storage, annotation, gardening (bots), vocabularies & ontologies
  • Create baseline tools for Mediawiki: installation, security, script manager, rich media
  • Excellent process (Forums, Use-it-yourself wiki, unit testing, great user help/info)
  • But
    • Patched MW/SF code
    • No documentation now
    • Community support only

SMW+ Extensions[edit]

  • Semantic extensions
    • Enhanced Retrieval
    • Halo ACL
    • Rich media
    • Rule knowledge
    • Semantic comments
    • Semantic gardening
    • Semantic refactoring
    • Semantic treeview
    • Semantic result formats+
    • SMW Halo
  • Utility extensions
    • ARC-2 library
    • Automatic semantic forms
    • Data import
    • Script manager
    • Triple store connector
    • Wiki administration tool
    • Wiki object model
    • WYSIWYG (FCKEditor)

SMW+ Extensions Roadmap[edit]

  • SMW+ Roadmap consists of two efforts:
    • Deploy (not all) SMW+ extensions on MW 1.19+
    • Re-create user-level information
  • Extension re-deployment
    • Key SMW+ Extensions: Enhanced Retrieval & Rich Media, Access Control List, Semantic Treeview, Collaboration, SMW Halo (Query Interface & Data Explorer); TSC (#sparql:) & Data Import
    • Extensions to scavenge: Wiki Admin Tool (data model), WYSIWYG (annotation widget), Ontoprise Skin (menu), Script Manager, SMW Halo (Data Explorer, Query Interface), SRF+ (Simile interface)
    • 'Extensions that are or seem to be "quick wins": ARC2, ASF, WOM, Collaboration, Data Import, Semantic Gardening & Treeview

Extensions that need FUNDING &/or technical help: Halo ACL, Enhanced Retrieval, Rich Media, SRF+, WYSIWYG

Future discussions[edit]

  • SMW+ namespaces = Type:page-name (A Type namespace may best identify which of 5 different representations possible in SMW wikis, apply to instances)
  • Deploy tools need annotated mw:Extension pages (put SMW on & handle semantic 'bundles'
  • Lucene/SOLR = SMW store plus SPARQL endpoint plus document parser (enhance SMW syntax for SOLR cores)
  • Wiki security policies are not an issue, database policies are: need is clear for security-oriented exits in MW code