Community discussion

SMWCon Spring 2014
Community discussion
Talk details
Description: Traditional SMWCon feedback session for all participants
Speaker(s): Markus Krötzsch
Type: Discussion
Audience: Everyone
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
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It is traditional to have a community discussion at the end of each SMWCon. This page has the protocol/notes from the discussion at SMWCon Spring 2014.


  • Note: upcoming post-conference survey on SMWCon Spring 2014
  • Timing? Days of the week? (no conclusions)

The following suggestions have been made by the audience:

  • Maybe finish earlier on last day and use tutorial day time instead for main conference
  • Try to facilitate breakout sessions/birds-of-a-feather discussions among participants
  • How can we produce more content/insights at the event? "Harvest".
  • Invite people who run WotMs
  • Lightning talks on real-world examples of specific SMW extensions/features
  • Themed sessions; organise talks by topics
  • Announce topics of interest to suggest contributions
  • Gather topics of interest during registration or on user pages
  • Maybe consider colocation with other events (no conclusion on which events these could be)

Tutorial day[edit]

  • Maybe reduce number of very basic tutorials
  • Try to add more specific topics? (no specific suggestions on topics)
  • Unconference/informal space for questions
  • Include topics that go beyond SMW, such as RDF?

Community work, outreach[edit]

  • Build up knowledge repository for best practices on (S)MW usage
    • Suggestion: Organise SMWCon talks by topic for people to look up
  • Send people to conferences to present SMW?
    • -> need to clarify which conferences these would be