The Ouroboros project: setting up Semantic Medical Guidelines

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SMWCon Fall 2021The Ouroboros project: setting up Semantic Medical Guidelines
SMWCon Fall 2021
The Ouroboros project: setting up Semantic Medical Guidelines
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Description: The content of multidisciplinary modular guidelines shall be trustworthy, unambiguous and consistent and therefore are well suited for the introduction of Semantic Web Technology to manage these crucial facets of medical knowledge management.
Speaker(s): Frans A.L. van der Horst
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2021/12/08 16:00:00
Event finish: 2021/12/08 16:30:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: Medical Guideline, lexicology, medical knowledge management, term definitions
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Despite the necessity that multidisciplinary medical guidelines and protocols shall be trustworthy, unambiguous, consistent and reusable, it is surprisingly that until now the curation of the content is done manually in plain text, which is labour intensive and error prone manner. Currently, semantic web tools are not used to manage these crucial facets and to support editors and users to create, maintain or find relevant information in a crowd sourced manner.

Currently, we are working on a pilot to convince stakeholders in the Dutch healthcare that the the efficiency of maintenance and utilization of medical guidelines can be improved significantly, as well as the consistency and unambiguousness of the content. If successful, this platform will be deployed to full extent in collaboration with these stakeholders.

The aim of the Ourobos project is to deploy a modular knowledge platform that is based on the SMW features, like transclusions templates and page forms, to facilitate healthcare professionals in daily practice to work with multidisciplinary information. This knowledge platform is not only intended to accommodate the management and utilization of the content, but also to facilitate the multidisciplinary deliberation processes between the healthcare professionals as well as the processing of information from and towards external resources, such as literature/data sources and Wikibase, respectively.

In this presentation the concept of the semantic platform for medical guidelines is elucidated from a user perspective. Also the specific needs for user friendly functionalities are demonstrated, like a lexicological repository for term definitions, a deliberation platform to facilitate discussions between healthcare professionals on medical topics. and the need for interfaces with other Linked-Open-Data platforms, such as Wikibase/data. The aim of this presentation is to survey the interests of the members of the Wiki community to join this initiative and the way this can be established. We need both members who would like to share experiences how to deploy elements of such a platform or would like to reflect on the feasibility of concepts we like to deploy.

If granted, we need partners who could take care of functional and technical design of this platform in conjunction with the endusers, as well as developers who could construct these functionalities.