Current Status and Next Steps for SMW

SMWCon Fall 2014Current Status and Next Steps for SMW
SMWCon Fall 2014
Current Status and Next Steps for SMW
Talk details
Description: Overview of the changes of SMW sind last SMWCon in Europe.
Speaker(s): Jeroen De Dauw
Slides: see here
Type: Talk
Audience: Developers, Community
Event start: 2014/10/02 11:00:00 AM
Event finish: 2014/10/02 11:30:00 AM
Length: 30
Video: click here
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This year again brought a lot of exiting new features and improvements. This short presentation will provide you with an overview of the changes since last SMWCon in Europe. Things currently in the pipeline, plans and possibilities will also be covered.

Topics touched upon include:

  • Status of the SMW project
  • New features in SMW 1.9 and SMW 2.0
  • What you can expect in SMW 2.1
  • Long term plans
  • How you can contribute

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