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Events  SMWCon Fall 2015, SMWCon Fall 2016, SMWCon Fall 2017

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SemanticMediaWiki As A Collaboration Platform For Self Organizing AgentsThis talk by Nicole Merkle presents how Semantic MediaWiki can be used by self-organizing agents as a knowledge exchange platform.SMWCon Fall 2017
LODWikiSMWCon Fall 2017
SMWQuizSMWCon Fall 2017
A Generic Approach for Completing PDF-Forms with Data from Semantic MediaWikiWe introduce our approach for completing any PDF-form with data from Semantic MediaWiki. This is especially useful for repeating administrative requests which can't be done online as it is still the case in many established processes.SMWCon Fall 2016
Data Management with Semantic MediaWiki – Integrating Big Spatio-Temporal DataWe introduce our approach for integrating big spatio-temporal data using collaborative semantic data management.SMWCon Fall 2016
Knowledge Management in ResearchFrom ISO 9001 Quality Management, over Project Management, to Requirements EngineeringSMWCon Fall 2015