Benedikt Kämpgen

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Events  SMWCon Fall 2010, SMWCon Fall 2011, SMWCon Fall 2012, SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Fall 2016,

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Challenges with Annotating Liver Patient Data for Cognition-Guided SurgeryWe describe preliminary insights about annotating liver patient data in a research project on cognition-guided surgery.SMWCon Fall 2013
Collaborative Financial Analysis using Semantic MediaWikiUsing Semantic MediaWiki for a more agile approach of collaborative budgeting, expense planning, and analysis in a use case of finance management within a research group.SMWCon Fall 2012
Using SMW as a Semantic Web Browser and Connecting Semantic MediaWiki to statistical dataHere we present the Semantic Web Browser extension as well as a way to analyse statistical data using SMWSMWCon Fall 2011
SMW System Testing with Selenium - SMWCon Fall 2010Black box testing.SMWCon Fall 2010