Franz Borrmann

Name  Borrmann
First name  Franz
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About me  Welcome to my user page on SMW and thanks for your visit.

iUS Institut für Umwelttechnologien und Strahlenschutz GmbH

You will find more of me and my work at www<dot>ius-online<dot>eu.

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Interactive Pollutant Mapping Powered by SMWIn many countries, the remediation of in-house pollutants such as PCB and asbestos has come into the focus. We want to show how SMW powered pollutant register and mapping can be used to document measurements, direct remedial actions and inform stakeholders.SMWCon Fall 2014
Summary Day OneWrap-up SessionSMWCon Fall 2014
Setting up Data Structures, Queries, Templates, FormsIntroduction into usage, applications and development of SMW-based environments. We will demonstrate some of the capabilities and do hands-on parts on development and setup of the basic data structure, implementing templates and forms and querying and aggregating data.SMWCon Fall 2014
Introduction to SMWIntroduction into usage, applications and development of SMW-based environments.SMWCon Fall 2014