Ansgar Steinhorst

Name  Steinhorst
First name  Ansgar
Job title  Consultant at Quendian GmbH and
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About me  I have been working for many years as consultant for business transformation projects aligning business process design and IT solutions in the domain of ERP and supply chain management. Reference models and standard software have been used successfully in these transformation projects. I am interested in semantic technology because it can serve to make any complex business domain explicit and shareable across the involved parties. Human creativity is accelerated and can drive innovation.
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SMW used for conceptual alignment of Digital Transformation ProjectsDigital transformation projects require a shared understanding of the domain in scope to align the different parties involved. We propose to use a semantic knowledge graph to achieve this. The SMW is used as editor for the required ontologies, the business practice templates and the instances of the enterprise model. SMW synchronizes semantic data into a triple-db. We explain and show how such a use case can be modeled. We show how the semantic model can be explored with an intuitive user interface using external apps.SMWCon Fall 2021
Backend infrastructure experience exchange e.g. SqlStore, Elasticsearch, Blazegraph, Virtuoso, JenaPanel discussionSMWCon Fall 2020