Semantic MediaWiki, Zero to Hero

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SMWCon Fall 2018Semantic MediaWiki, Zero to Hero
SMWCon Fall 2018
Semantic MediaWiki, Zero to Hero
Talk details
Description: This talk is aimed at those who are new to using Semantic MediaWiki or those who think it might be the solution to their requirements.
Speaker(s): Ben Fletcher
Type: Tutorial
Audience: Everyone, New users
Event start: 2018/12/14 09:00:00
Event finish: 2018/12/14 00:00:00
Length: 240 minutes
Video: not available
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We will cover the basics of Semantic MediaWiki, how to approach a problem and how to build your own wiki to capture information in a structured format. The workshop will be "hands-on". Each participant will be building their own Wiki, which will develop and evolve during the tutorial.



  1. Semantic MediaWiki overview

MediaWiki Basics[edit]

  1. Advantages of MediaWiki as a CMS
  2. MediaWiki Categories
  3. MediaWiki Templates

Semantic MediaWiki Basics[edit]

  1. Properties
  2. Templates
  3. Forms
  4. Queries


  1. Building examples.

During the workshop, we will then approach some real-life examples of how SMW can be used in a business context. We will also ask attendees to bring use cases and we can look a developing them.