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About me  Bernadette Clemente is the Associate Department Head of the Software Solutions and Technologies department at the MITRE Corporation. She is the thought leader behind the vision and application of Semantic MediaWiki for the enterprise at MITRE. She leads several knowledge management efforts at MITRE to transform enterprise content into interconnected, findable, and visualizable enterprise knowledge.
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Events  SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Spring 2014,

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Collaborative Analytics: Where Groups Collaborate with Semantic VisualizationsOur SMW wikis are converging on a requirement for groups to work together where the objects of interest are highly interconnected and where visualization can help decision-makers see patterns and gaps.SMWCon Spring 2014
Revolutionizing page naming with semantic propertiesQuite often, we find it helpful to have the actual name of a page from the perspective of MediaWiki to be an automatically-generated static page id, while allowing a semantic property to indicate a name that would be meaningful to a user. This creates complications, including how to select a page in a field of a semantic form. To support this alternative approach to page naming, we have used a modified version of the SemanticTitle extension as well as several extensions to SemanticForms that we have custom developed and are in the process of submitting to the open source community.SMWCon Fall 2013
Building enterprise knowledge using semantic encyclopediasOur team has created more than 50 semantic encyclopedias since 2006 to build enterprise knowledge at MITRE and customer sites. We will share our social and organizational lessons learned.SMWCon Fall 2013

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