Skin Components with MediaWiki

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Skin Components with MediaWiki (tutorial)
Talk details
Description: Maintainable and flexible interfaces with Skin Components
Speaker(s): Robis Koopmans
Type: Tutorial
Audience: Developers, Community, Business people
Event start: 2021/12/09 14:00:00
Event finish: 2021/12/09 14:30:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: css, graphical user interface, skin, slots
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Robis Koopmans is a front-end developer at Wikibase Solutions. With this talk he will give insights in creating flexible and maintainable interfaces using skin components along with hands on examples.

Wikibase Solutions creates MediaWiki-based solutions that support core business processes. With our Open Content Services Platform we offer Enterprise solutions for managing content and documentation. One of the challenges in the process of developing this platform was to separate the page content from the page data and interface.