New features in Maps and Semantic Maps

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Description: Has description::An overview of all the cool new stuff in Maps and Semantic Maps as well as a peek to what's on the horizon
Speaker(s): {{#set:Has speaker=Jeroen De Dauw}}Jeroen De Dauw, {{#set:Has speaker=Nischay}}Nischay
Slides: see here
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Audience: {{#set:Has audience type=Everyone}}Everyone
Length: Has duration::30 minutes
Video: click here
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A lot of improvements and additions have been made to Maps and Semantic Maps over the last year. This talk aims to give you an overview of these new features as well as where and how you can use them. Yes, there will be demos :) It will also include a quick introduction to the extensions, some best practices and a few words on what awesome features people are currently working on. There will also be some time for questions.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Displaying maps with the improved #display_map parser function.
  • Polygons, lines, rectangles, circles and whatnot
  • A graphical map editor
  • Marker clustering and marker grouping
  • Searching through markers
  • Annotating and querying geospatial data