Wikidata and SMW

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Has conference::SMWCon Spring 2013
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Talk details
Description: Has description::hi-res gotomeeting recording of Denny's Keynote and slide deck. Joint Q&A can be found in the Introduction.
Speaker(s): {{#set:Has speaker=Denny_Vrandecic}}Denny_Vrandecic, {{#set:Has speaker=Jeroen_De_Dauw}}Jeroen_De_Dauw
Slides: see here
Type: {{#set:Has talk type=Talk}}Talk
Audience: {{#set:Has audience type=Everyone}}Everyone
Event start: Has planned start::21 Mar 2013 9:00
Event finish: Has planned finish::21 Mar 2013 10:30
Length: Has duration::90 minutes
Video: click here
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