Housing for people with disabilities

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SMWCon Fall 2018Housing for people with disabilities
SMWCon Fall 2018
Housing for people with disabilities
Talk details
Description: How SMW is a strong basis for an innovative website that matches people with disabilities to special housing opportunities.
Speaker(s): Ad Strack van Schijndel
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2018/12/12 15:30:00
Event finish: 2018/12/12 16:00:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: implementation, showcase
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At <www.zogewoon.nl> you will find a web application that is based on Semantic MediaWiki and integrates other technologies to make it an innovative web application.

In this talk these questions are answered:

  • What technologies are used
  • What are specific strengths of SMW in this case
  • What is our approach to the complex user interface
  • How do we plan to use Elasticsearch