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My name is Karsten Hoffmeyer and I am very much into wikis, especially into the MediaWiki wiki engine which allows to use Semantic MediaWiki. I joined this wiki as the 74 user on February 2, 2010.

In case you would like to contact me you may do so by using either my talk page on this wiki, by sending me an e-mail via this wiki or directly to mediawiki‐at‐

I am active on the following wikis:

Apart from that I am running a MediaWiki hosting and consulting service based in Berlin, Germany.

Karsten's award of fluff

Name  Hoffmeyer
First name  Karsten
Photo  KarstenHoffmeyer.jpg
Social links  Twitter:


  • multiple accounts which I have apparently lost track of
About me  See section at the top of the page.
Publish?  Yes
Events  smwcon fall 2011, smwcon fall 2012,smwcon fall 2013, smwcon fall 2014,smwcon fall 2015

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Talk eventtitledescription
SMWCon Fall 2012/ – past / present / futureSMWCon Fall – past / present / futureAn overview of activity and contents on
SMWCon Fall 2015/Community discussionSMWCon Fall 2015Community discussionCommunity discussion about the future of SMW and SMWCon
SMWCon Fall 2015/Overview and introduction to new semantic extensionsSMWCon Fall 2015Overview and introduction to new semantic extensionsThis presentation will provide an overview and introduction to the semantic extensions of the SMWProject which were introduced in 2015 and aim to present SMW as solution for different use cases.
SMWCon Fall 2015/Semantic MediaWiki issues triageSMWCon Fall 2015Semantic MediaWiki issues triageThis workshop aims to triage, fill in blanks and even solve some of the existing issues filed for Semantic MediaWiki