Poster Session

SMWCon Fall 2015
Poster Session
Talk details
Description: Allows a light-weight way to talk about different topics related to Semantic MediaWiki
Type: Demo, Presentation, Discussion
Audience: Everyone, Developers, Community, Business people, Academics, Admins, New users
Event start: 2015/10/29 16:20:00
Event finish: 2015/10/29 17:10:00
Length: 50 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: project documentation, project presentation
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The poster session allows to present various topics in a light-weight way and talk about them in a more direct and informal way during this extended coffee break.

Current proposals[edit]

  • Visual Editor – A quick tour through MediaWiki's WYSIWYG-Editor... on SMW-enabled installations (Alexander Gesinn, Simon Heimler)
  • AnnoWiki – A versatile Semantic MediaWiki based platform for genome annotation (Bioinformatics Unit, Centre for Genomic Regulation)
  • eiKoLo – A useful Semantic MediaWiki based tool for customer relationship and contact management (Karsten Hoffmeyer)
  • TangoWiki – A usage example of a public wiki about history, music and dance using Semantic MediaWiki. (Sabine Melnicki)
  • semantic apps – Business applications based on SMW (Alexander Gesinn)
  • #mwstake – MediaWiki Stakeholders user group (Mark A. Hershberger)