SMWCon Fall 2020

SMWCon Fall 2020
The 17th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.
Conference details
Start: 2020-11-24
Finish: 2020-11-26
General Chair: Bernhard Krabina
Local Chair:
Program Chair: Richard Heigl

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Discover the future of knowledge sharing
at the 17th Semantic MediaWiki Conference
24.11. – 26.11.2020

Semantic MediaWiki on Twitter Twitter is #SMWCon

The SemanticMediaWiki conference is the yearly event for
professional wiki users, maintainers, developers, consultants, researchers,
responsible persons from business and administration.

Join in, get inspired and connect with experts!

Virtual conference[edit]

Due to the corona pandemic, this conference will take place virtually this year.
You can participate through these channels:

  • Hopin: Click here to join the talks and the rooms
  • YouTube: Recording of sessions (available after the conference)
  • Element: Chat outside the sessions or for hackathons
  • Etherpad: Coordinate hackathons and informal sessions here

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Please note: The times given here are in Central European Time (CET | UTC+1).

Conference Day 1 - Tuesday, November 24
Find the correct time for your time zone here

90 min.
This tutorial will be an introduction to using Semantic MediaWiki, I will talk about how we use Semantic MediaWiki for our projects at Wikibase Solutions, and will give some examples and a hands-on tutorial on how to use Semantic MediaWiki for your own projects.
20 min.
In this tutorial we will show to what extent BlueSpice MediaWiki uses semantic
20 min.
In addition to notes on the organization of the three conference days, there is a short input on the conference topic and the program
20 min.
SMW powers a knowledge platform for the topic of knowledge management in the public sector
20 min.
This is to give an overview on how the UK's Ministry of Defence use Semantic MediaWiki
20 min.
Questions about privacy, legislation and implementation
20 min.
This talk shows how an ISMS according to ISO/IEC 27001 or BSI IT-Grundschutz can be implemented with Semantic MediaWiki.
15 min.
Let's have a short break in the coffee house.
30 min.
Make the case for a MediaWiki based open source content services platform. We know what MediaWiki and open source is. I will explain more about a content services platform, what it may provide and why companies around the world might want one.
60 min.
Fifteen years ago, Semantic Wikipedia was first proposed. This was the starting point for the development of both Semantic MediaWiki and Wikidata. This year, the Wikimedia Foundation is starting a new project, Abstract Wikipedia. The overarching goal of all these projects is to make knowledge more accessible and easier to work with - to allow more people to share in more knowledge in more languages.
60 min.
The open source alternative between Confluence, Sharepoint and other enterprise content solutions

Conference Day 2 - Wednesday, November 25
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20 min.
An overview of what happened in Semantic MediaWiki land during the last year, including the 3.2 release.
20 min.
20 min.
How to Build a Multilingual Wiki
20 min.
An overview of what's new around Wikibase and the plans we have for the Wikibase Ecosystem.
20 min.
Success story in using SMW in concert with WikiBase to achieve a data-based, semantic-enabled MediaWiki site
15 min.
Let's have a short break in the coffee house.
20 min.
In this talk we like to present an overview of the process and challenges of automating an RDF ontology import into SemanticMediawiki with ontology2smw, in the context of the confIDent project and how Academic Event Ontology (AEON) is being developed to support the requirements of Semantic Mediawiki.
15 min.
Live demo of Semantic Wikibase, a new extension that allows using Wikibase data directly in your semantic wiki
5 min.
Building bridges between the many subprojects around MediaWiki
25 min.
wikipush,wikiedit,wikiupload,wikinuke,wikiuser a set of tools for automating SMW page content handling using python and a command line

Conference Day 3 - Thursday, November 26
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30 min.
How to use external vocabularies (e. g. FOAF) and reference to external idenifiers (e. g. Wikidata ID) with SMW.
20 min.
The most important concepts and where you can learn everything
10 min.
Corpus2Wiki is a tool for generating so-called Wikiditions out of text corpora. It provides text analyses, annotations and their visualizations without requiring programming or advanced computer skills.
20 min.
A database on availability of data and code for empirical studies in the social sciences, and of replications
20 min.
After seven years of running the Vienna History Wiki, we will share insights into the way Semantic MediaWiki has influenced the work on Vienna's historical facts.
20 min.
The goal of The Embassy of Good Science is to promote research integrity among all those involved in research. The platform is open to anyone willing to learn or support others in fostering understanding and awareness around Good Science.
20 min.
Presentation of a Semantic MediaWiki use case to manage, visualize and analyze data about African cultural heritage located in the Canary Islands.
15 min.
Let's have a short break in the coffee house.
60 min.
In a panel discussion we will highlight the state of the art about knowledge graph research and talk about the role of SMW.

Registration and participants[edit]

Please register for free at Hopin You will be able to join the online meetings as you like.
To let others know that you will be attending, you can add your name below:

  1. Bernhard Krabina
  2. Richard Heigl
  3. Alexander Gesinn ( GmbH & Co. KG)
  4. Sebastian Schmid ( GmbH & Co. KG)
  5. Gary Foster (talk)
  6. Yaron Koren
  7. Lia Veja (DIPF)
  8. Jeroen De Dauw, SMW maintainer (Professional.Wiki)
  9. Karsten Hoffmeyer, SMW maintainer (Professional.Wiki)
  10. Bryan Hilderbrand
  11. Paul Meredith
  12. Julian Hocker (DIPF)
  13. Jan H. Höffler (ReplicationWiki)
  14. Rob P
  15. Vivian Epiney (Le Dico des Ados)
  16. Tom Fellows
  17. Julien Tremblay McLellan
  18. Ton van der Zwet
  19. Renato Ongania
  20. Georgios Mavropalias
  21. Greg Rundlett (QualityBox)
  22. Lex Sulzer
  23. Wolfgang Fahl
  24. Luca Mauri
  25. Dave Richardson (dj radon)
  26. Cindy Cicalese
  27. Markus Glaser
  28. André Castro
  29. Christoph Sonnlechner
  30. Christian Michlits
  31. Iván Hernández-Cazorla (Coruja Digital)
  32. Anja Ebersbach (talk)
  33. Charlot Cobben, (Wikibase Solutions)
  34. Andre Maas (Datawiki South Africa)
  35. Martin Gruner
  36. Guillaume Coulombe
  37. Olivier Beaulieu
  38. Yuning Sun
  39. Joris Dirks
  40. Jan Willem van Veen
  41. Wouter Rademaker
  42. Toni Hermoso Pulido
  43. Thilo Schroth
  44. Toine Schijvenaars
  45. Jeff Scott
  46. Ike Hecht (WikiTeq)
  47. Viktor Schelling (Wikibase Solutions)
  48. Eric-Jan van Kakerken (Wikibase Solutions)
  49. Barry McGrath
  50. Marijn van Wezel (Wikibase Solutions)
  51. Paul Illingworth (Rowe IT)
  52. Anton Köstlbacher
  53. Ingo Frank
  54. Daniel Riedmüller
  55. Nicolas Nallet
  56. Tobias Maus (Contargo)
  57. Teresa Schwarz (Contargo)
  58. Tobias Oetterer (Professional.Wiki)
  59. María Rosa Gamarra Cespedes (BetterKnowledge4all)
  60. Delia Pitto
  61. Stephan Gambke
  62. Tomasz Rakowski
  63. Robis (Wikibase Solutions)
  64. Chris Karageorgiou Kaneen (GRNET)
  65. Iraklis Varlamis (GRNET)
  66. Robert Vogel
  67. Laurent Mischler
  68. Duncan Crane
  69. Dennis Groenewegen (Wikibase Solutions)
  70. Peter Meyer (Wikimedia DC)
  71. Ad Strack van Schijndel (Wikibase Solutions)
  72. Charlie Pfaff (SKIM Group)
  73. Erwin Oord (ArchiXL)
  74. Jared Olson
  75. Ahmad Gharbeia
  76. Denny Vrandečić (Wikimedia Foundation)



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