Using Semantic MediaWiki in enterprise knowledge management and case analysis

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SMWCon Fall 2013Using Semantic MediaWiki in enterprise knowledge management and case analysis
SMWCon Fall 2013
Implementing Enterprise Knowledge Base
Talk details
Description: In this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate how to implement enterprise knowledge base using SMW.
Speaker(s): Yury Kupriyanov
Type: Talk, Technical talk, Presentation, Regular talk
Audience: Everyone, Business people
Event start: 2013/10/30 04:20:00 PM
Event finish: 2013/10/30 04:40:00 PM
Length: 20 minutes
Video: click here
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In this tutorial we'll go through the process of creating collaborative enterprise knowledge base. We will go step by step from considering the general model of the knowledge management process to implement the enterprise case base as example.

Areas of consideration include:

  • Abstract model of knowledge management
  • Aspects of motivation of participants
  • Planning and implementation stages of the project
  • The life cycle of a knowledge base
  • An example of a knowledge base in progress, from enterprise case memory to adaptive case management.

Half the time we are given to the analysis and planning of the implementation of the knowledge base, the other half - immediately implementation. Thus, we are planning a some discussion on the topic of collaborative knowledge bases and description of practices, as well as the creation of forms and queries in the Semantic MediaWiki.

This tutorial may be interesting to both developers and implementers MediaWiki, as well as project managers and specialists in the field of knowledge management and adaptive case management.