Using the Miga Data Viewer

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SMWCon Spring 2014Using the Miga Data Viewer
SMWCon Spring 2014
Using the Miga Data Viewer
Talk details
Description: A talk and demo for the Miga Data Viewer, including its features, its current usage, and its place within the SMW "ecosystem".
Speaker(s): Yaron Koren
Slides: see here
Type: Talk, Demo
Audience: Everyone
Length: minutes
Video: not available
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The Miga Data Viewer, or Miga, is an open source application that lets you create mobile-friendly, offline-capable information display web apps using little more than a data set. It is mostly written by Yaron, and was first released in July 2013. Its creation was in large part inspired by the desire to have an app-style viewing interface for Semantic MediaWiki, although since the beginning it has been a much more generic tool than that, able to handle the structured data from any source. Recently it has gotten some significant usage from the company Ontodia, who have also begun to contribute back to the code base.

This talk will give a basic demonstration of Miga, and go over some of its real-world usages. It will also address how Miga relates to Semantic MediaWiki, specifically:

  • How it can be used as a viewing tool for SMW data
  • When it can be used as a substitute for SMW (sorry)
  • Some pointers it may provide on improving SMW's own interface.