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Name  Tenbergen
First name  Tina
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I host several semantic mediawikis for my work for UMG at the
University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Regional Health
Authority / Health Sciences Centre.
I have run mediawikis since 2008 and SMW since 2015. I attended
EMWCon this spring and, now that I have seen the American angle,
want to see what the European perspective.
Publish?  No
Events  EMWCon 2017, WikiMania 2017, SMWCon Fall 2017

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testing for missing final entry on property page[edit]

On at least two of my own wikis, this following ask query result would show one final entry that is not actually visible in Property:Has GitHubLink.

Configuration preloading
Outline format
Property group
Property group/tr
Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0
Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.1
Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.2
Semantic MediaWiki 2.1.0
Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.0
Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.1
Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.2
Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.3
Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.1
Setup check
Special properties (annotable)
Special properties (declarative)
Special properties (optional)
Special properties (visible)
Upgrade key

Could not test this on the sandbox because its robot checker is giving me trouble when setting up an account. Thought I would see if I can recreate the problem here, with an existing property, but it doesn't happen on this wiki.