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Talk details
Description: Background: with over 2500 songs in its catalogue, Cirque du Soleil needs a tool to document artistic aspects of each and every song.
Speaker(s): Jimmy St-Germain
Slides: see here
Type: Demo, Presentation
Audience: Everyone
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: Arts, music, musique, cirque, circus
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With over 2500 articles on songs and music related topics, the music domain in Cirkipedia represents approximately 50% of all content in Cirkipedia, the biggest knowledge base in term of articles quantity.

The talk will center around: - the needs that steered us toward the use of Cirkipedia - the basic unit of documentation: the song - the ability to attach rich content (audio, PDF); links with Sharepoint - the organisation of the information - tools and protocols used to retrieve information - protection and security - our perceived needs with Wikidata