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Name  Montalvo
First name  James
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Events  SMWCon Spring 2015, SMWCon Fall 2014,

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Approved Revs v1.0 with Semantic ApproversSMWCon Fall 2014Approved Revs v1.0 with Semantic ApproversThe MediaWiki extension "Approved Revs" is great for giving admins the ability to approve edits before allowing them to be displayed to the world. However the current version does not allow certain users to approve some pages and other users to approve other pages. The upcoming release of Approved Revs v1.0 will give this capability. Additionally, it allows approval of files.
History of the EVA WikiSMWCon Fall 2014History of the EVA WikiHow NASA Mission Operations used a semantic wiki to solve its knowledge management problem. The EVA wiki makes our data more useful with semantic properties, queries, and integration with outside databases.
How to make a basic parser functionSMWCon Spring 2015How to make a basic parser functionA simplified approach to show people how to build parser functions
Quantifying AccountabilitySMWCon Spring 2015Quantifying AccountabilityQuantifying accountability in MediaWiki to pinpoint weaknesses, improve quality, and engage more users

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Extensions and other MediaWiki-related software Daren, Stephanie and I discussed at SMWCon Spring 2015:

  • WatchAnalytics: A new extension attempting to quantify accountability within MediaWiki by tracking how many watchers pages have and how "good" those watchers are. This extension is very much a work in progress.
  • SemanticMeetingMinutes: A group of forms, templates, styles, and javascript packaged into an extension for easier distribution.
  • Wiretap: Used to track user actions on a wiki. This was deliberately given a scary name so people wouldn't install it without thinking hard about it. It is appropriate within many corporate and government environments where transparency is more important than privacy. It wouldn't be appropriate on most public wikis.
  • SharePoint-Wiki-to-MediaWiki converter: Converts SharePain wikis to MediaWiki. Does not convert entire SharePoint sites. Note that different versions of SharePoint behave differently, so this software may require tweaking to handle your particular use case.
  • ParserFunctionHelper: Intended to be a helper-extension that allows you to create parser function extensions in the easiest way possible.