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Foreign Language Learning Semantic WayThis talk will explore the Why and How Semantic MediaWiki can help a student to learn and a teacher to teach languageSMWCon Fall 2015

I am a Software Developer, currently working as CRM Developer and Analyst.
Programming is my passion and I like to dedicate some of my free time to children and young people around the world, being involved as United Nations Online volunteer in many NGOs around the world.

On April 2013 I started to volunteer for wikitranslate.org
It is a free content encyclopedia translation project, that can help you to learn new language and teach your language through our lessons, videos and free study groups.
Actually we have 9,957 subscribers & 5,160,064 views (24 August 2015)

I am enthusiastic in learning everything related to mediawiki (translatewiki.net, SemanticMediaWiki). With enhancing my knowledge I wish I can give a great contribution in wikitranslate.org and WikiMedia as software developer and translator.

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