What we Know About MediaWiki and Where we're Going

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SMWCon Fall 2015What we Know About MediaWiki and Where we're Going
SMWCon Fall 2015
What we Know About MediaWiki and Where we're Going
Talk details
Description: As part of the work the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group has taken on I'd like to ask, "What's next for MediaWiki?"
Speaker(s): Chris Koerner
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone, Developers, Community, Admins
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: MediaWiki, roadmap, Stakeholder Management, MWStake
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Where is MediaWiki at in the grand scheme of documenting knowledge? Who is using it? What's around the corner for the software and the community? How is Semantic MediaWiki prepared for these coming changes?

I'll share the outcomes of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' group work in recent months. Particularly our survey results and a deeper conversation around the report on MediaWiki usage we gave at Wikimania in July.

I will talk about our findings and would like to ask the SMW community how they envision the future of MediaWiki. I believe feedback and participation are necessary to further develop MediaWiki and the greater Wikimedia community.


  • Introduction
  • MediaWIki Stakeholders' Group
  • What' we started at the Spring SMWCon
  • Our work in Lyon
  • Presentation and Survey at Wikimania
  • Building a Wishlist
  • What is MediaWiki?
    • How do core extensions influence the definition of MediaWiki?
  • What changes are coming to MediaWiki?
  • What does a longer-term future look like?
  • How can you, SMW user, influence the future?