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Name  Fahl
First name  Wolfgang
Photo  Photo 2016-09-29 140359WolfgangFahl.jpgSAM 6353 WolfgangFahl.JPG
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About me  Wolfgang Fahl is founder and owner of BITPlan, Germany. He teaches Softwarearchitecture but is also involved with software development projects a lot.

Wolfgang has been using MediaWikis since 2007. He was e.g. involved with during his Newzealand Sabbatical in 2008.

You'll find Wolfgang on the web at:

Publish?  Yes
Events  SMWCon Fall 2015, SMWCon Spring 2015, SMWCon Fall 2016,

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Talk eventtitledescription
Dockerizing Semantic MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2015Dockerizing Semantic MediaWikiThis workshop shows us how to use Docker in connection with Semantic MediaWiki.
Introduction to Semantic ConceptsSMWCon Spring 2015Introduction to Semantic Concepts
Smart and professional integration of office documentsSMWCon Fall 2015Smart and professional integration of office documentsThis presentation introduces a smart way of integrating word documents into a Semantic MediaWiki.
Using Semantic MediaWiki for managing quizzes for knowledge examination and evaluationSMWCon Fall 2016Using Semantic MediaWiki for managing quizzes for knowledge examination and evaluationExperience report on how to use SMW based content for running courses that prepare for certification exams e.g. in Software Architecture and Requirements Engineering.
smartMediaWikiSMWCon Spring 2015smartMediaWiki - smart extension of SMWExtending Semantic Media Wiki in smart ways
smartMediaWikiWorkshopSMWCon Spring 2015smartMediaWikiWorkshop