Interactive Pollutant Mapping Powered by SMW

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SMWCon Fall 2014Interactive Pollutant Mapping Powered by SMW
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Interactive Pollutant Mapping Powered by SMW
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Description: In many countries, the remediation of in-house pollutants such as PCB and asbestos has come into the focus. We want to show how SMW powered pollutant register and mapping can be used to document measurements, direct remedial actions and inform stakeholders.
Speaker(s): Franz Borrmann, Alexander Gesinn
Slides: see here
Type: Talk
Audience: Business people
Event start: 2014/10/03 12:30:00 PM
Event finish: 2014/10/03 01:00:00 PM
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: Pollutant, Mapping, Remediation, Stakeholder Management
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Pollutant mapping inside buildings has become an important step not only during the use phase but also as an important prerequisite for dismantling or demolition, especially when talking about industrial, chemical or nuclear facilities. Building pollutants are for example asbestos but also organic pollutants like PCB or PAH used in seals and adhesives. The standard tools used today are Excel Sheets, Access Data bases or GIS-based approaches. While the first lack functionality, the latter is often not prepared for in-building data. We will present an SMW-based solution that is capable to report on measurements, to follow-up remediation and removal and to allow the information of stakeholders. This is of importance if pollutants are found in buildings in use. A hierarchical builing model has been developed as well as a generic model for measured values that allows their application and aggregation over the entities of the building model.