Hands-on session. Programming MediaWiki extension

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SMWCon Fall 2013
Hands-on session. Programming a MediaWiki extension
Talk details
Description: We will put to test what we learnt in previous sessions and we will code some extensions
Speaker(s): Toni Hermoso Pulido
Type: Workshop
Audience: Developers
Event start: 2013/10/28 10:30:00 AM
Event finish: 2013/10/28 12:00:00 PM
Length: 90 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: mediawiki, extension, jquery
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This workshop is targeted to users with enough MediaWiki/Semantic MediaWiki experience and/or MediaWiki administration skills that would like to delve into MediaWiki programming and start having some custom hacks in their wikis.


  • Knowledge of PHP or similar programming languages.
  • You must be able to set up an apache+php+mysql environment.
  • It's good to attend our morning session on MW programming since we will refer to its content during the hands-on.

Setting up the environment[edit]


  • During the first minutes we will create live one extension from what we learned in previous sessions and participants will replicate/code it on their own computers.
  • Afterwards, participants will be presented some MediaWiki extension challenges or they could even propose their own. They will have the rest of the session for designing and creating their own prototype extensions. At the end of the session, they will present what they managed to do to the rest of the class.

Teachers will be supporting participants as they develop their extensions.