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Help:Reporting bugsFehler melden
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Bugs for Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) should be filed at the issue tracking system provided by GitHub.1

The issue tracker at GitHub serves as an issue template that will remind you to provide all required information to help deal with the issue.

How to report a problem[edit]

All bug reports should answer at least the following questions:

regarding the environment
  • Which version of Semantic MediaWiki is used?
  • Which version of related semantic extensions is used? (If applicable.)
  • Which version of MediaWiki is used?
  • Which server setup (PHP, MySQL, Operating System) was used?
on examples of the bug
  • Can the problem be viewed online in a public wiki? (If yes, provide its URL.)
  • Can the problem be reproduced on a test page on a sandbox site? (If yes, provide its URL.)

We have created an issue reporting template that covers the items mentioned above to help you create a quality issue report. It automatically loads when adding a new issue, etc..

Improvements and patches can also be discussed on the developer mailing list. You can also view the current bug list for Semantic MediaWiki online GitHub issue tracker. The bugs previously added to Bugzilla were transferred to GitHub.

If you find yourself in a situation where a "Fatal exception of type "Exception" message or similar is displayed, then please make sure that you have the necessary debugging enabled to provide relevant information (stack trace) when reporting the bug.

How to get more information on your problem[edit]

Here are some tips to get more information on a problem, which will help us to solve it faster:

  • In general, it may also be useful to turn on debugging in MediaWiki. This should provide you with more instructive error messages in your log file.
  • If some page will not display correctly or causes critical errors, directly access the page in edit mode. To do that, edit any other page on your wiki and replace the page's name in the URL with the name of the broken page. Then, try to remove parts of the page to find out what causes the problem, and include this in your bug report.
  • If you have a problem with inline queries, try format=debug to gather useful information for the developers. Please send this output with your bug report.

How issues are assessed and classified[edit]

See the document answering the question: Bug, feature request, or question?

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