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Toward a unified theory of data browsing, and what it means for SMW's browsing functionality, including Semantic Drilldown and others.  +
Bu sayfada "SMWSearch" özelliği, yani anlamsal sorgulara doğrudan MediaWiki'nin standart arama arayüzünden izin veren bir arama motoru açıklanmaktadır.  +
The "smw_hash" field population was skipped during the setup, the [[Help:Maintenance script populateHashField.php| populateHashField.php]] script is required to be executed.|  +
Defines an alignment for the content of a printout column  +
Marks an inline query as part of an annotation  +
Allows to dynamically alter a result display without the need to reload a page[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2398]]  +
Marks an inline query as deferred from regular parsing[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2398]]  +
Restricts the hierarchy depth of a query[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2662]]  +
Allows to highlight search tokens within a result set[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2253]]  +
Convenience operator for proximity and wide proximity searches[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2873]]  +
Allows to filter a language specific printout[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2037]]  +
Defines the sorting order for [[Help:Displaying information|printout statements]] ([[Help:Property chains and paths|dot chain syntax]])[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2073]]  +
Convenience operator for wide proximity searches with terms appearing in the same order[[CiteRef::gh:smw:3125]]  +
Allows embedded annotation markup within text to retain its raw format[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2325]][[CiteRef::gh:sci:40]][[CiteRef::gh:smw:2844]]  +
Defines a width for a printout column[[CiteRef::gh:smw:2677]]  +
Sets the recursion depth for a template output  +
Sets whether constraint violations are shown to the user via a page indicator  +
Sets whether compact links to special query pages should be used  +
Sets whether compact links to special query pages should be used  +
Sets whether tasks are deferred until after a page was edited by using the job queue  +