Fresnel Forms

SMWCon Fall 2015
Fresnel Forms
Talk details
Description: This talk presents "Fresnel Forms", a library plugin that was developed for the Semantic Web ontology editor "Protégé".
Speaker(s): Lloyd Rutledge
Type: Talk, Technical talk, Presentation
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: ontology tools, Ontology
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Fresnel Forms - A Protégé Semantic Web Ontology Editor Plugin for Wiki Interface Specification[edit]

We present Fresnel Forms, a plugin we developed for Protégé, an editor for Semantic Web ontologies. The Fresnel Forms plugin processes the currently active ontology in a Protégé session to export a semantic wiki for that ontology. This export uses Semantic MediaWiki’s XML-based export format for import into an existing wiki. Fresnel Forms also provides a GUI editor to let the user fine-tune the generated interface before exporting it to a wiki.

Fresnel Forms exports use features from Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms to provide an annotate-and-browse data system interface. Each wiki Fresnel Forms generates provides forms for entering data for classes and fields that conform to the original ontology. Templates provide displays of pages created with these forms. Finally, the wiki’s ExportRDF feature creates Semantic Web triples for the data entered that use URI’s from the original ontology. Fresnel Forms provides thus an efficient way to create a wiki for populating a given Semantic Web ontology.

Fresnel Forms can be downloaded and installed on Protégé from

Slides from this presentation are at