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MediaWiki and Docker - presentations
Talk details
Description: Half-day workshop on using MediaWiki with Docker
Speaker(s): Cindy Cicalese
Type: Discussion
Audience: Developers, Admins
Event start: 2021/12/09 15:30:00
Event finish: 2021/12/09 19:00:00
Length: 150 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: containers, docker, mediawiki
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This 4 hour workshop on using MediaWiki with Docker will begin with invited participants giving a short presentation (10 minutes each unless otherwise indicated) on what they are doing with MediaWiki and Docker. This could relate to deploying MediaWiki with Docker in a production setting, using MediaWiki with Docker for development or testing, or using other tools with Docker adjacent to MediaWiki. After the presentations, there will be a group discussion among the speakers, facilitated by Cindy Cicalese, of common issues identified in the presentations. There will then be an open question and answer session. It is hoped that this community discussion will lead to future collaborations among the attendees.


Name Topic
Máté Szabó, Fandom (20 minutes) Dockerized MediaWiki on Kubernetes at Fandom
Giuseppe Lavagetto, Wikimedia Foundation (20 minutes) Wikimedia Kubernetes infrastructure and supply chain security
Adam Shorland, Wikimedia Deutschland (20 minutes) MediaWiki CLI and WbStack
Gökhan Geyik, Hallo Welt Hallo Welt use of Docker
Jesse Kwaks, Wikibase Solutions Wikibase Solutions use of Docker
Jeffrey Wang, MyWikis and WikiWorks MyWikis and Project Canasta use of Docker
Greg Rundlett, Pegasystems Pegasystems use of Docker and AWS/ECS/EC2 trade-offs
Alexander Gesinn, GitHub CI workflows for SMW and related extensions using Docker
Markus Wagenhofer, use of Docker for development and testing
Ariel Glenn, Wikimedia Foundation Docker for Wikimedia dumps testing
Mark Hershberger, Nichework Automatic, portable CI using make and podman
Lex Sulzer, Dataspects Dataspects MediaWiki CLI
Speaker Discussion
Q & A