Decommissioning Core Ontology as basis also for SMW applications

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SMWCon Fall 2021Decommissioning Core Ontology as basis also for SMW applications
SMWCon Fall 2021
Decommissioning Core Ontology as basis also for SMW applications
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Description: As part of the H2020 project PLEIADES, we have developed a core ontology for the decommissioning of complex facilities. This will be the basis for connecting various softwares together, on our side this will be SMW.
Speaker(s): Franz Borrmann
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone, Business people
Event start: 2021/12/10 17:00:00
Event finish: 2021/12/10 17:30:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: decommissioning, ontology, smw
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With the elaboration of the Decom Core Ontology, the PLEIADES project has established a sound foundation for a common semantic understanding of an overall decommissioning project. This semantic understanding will help to elaborate adequate data connections on the semantic, not on the term level. This is important as the aim of the project is to support the interfacing of several existing software packages. The elaboration of the ontology followed a basic approach of ontology engineering and was vetted internally and assessed externally in order to ensure applicability and consistency. The ontology forms a first step to allow a machine understanding of decommissioning, thus widening the opportunities for the application of digital or digitally assisted approaches, including but not limited to AI. This semantic understanding of decommissioning also allows the automated connection to existing and future knowledge resources comprising decommissioning experience, best practices and international standards.