Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki

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SMWCon Fall 2015Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki
SMWCon Fall 2015
Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki
Talk details
Description: This tutorial provides an beginner's introduction into the usage of SMW-based wikis.
Speaker(s): Chris Koerner
Type: Demo, Workshop, Tutorial
Audience: Community, New users
Event start: 2015/10/28 09:00:00 AM
Event finish: 2015/10/28 11:30:00 AM
Length: 135 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, lerners
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This tutorial provides an introduction into the usage of Semantic MediaWiki wikis. It will demonstrate some of the capabilities of SMW and cover a few "hands-on" parts like setting up a basic data structure as well as using it. It will be an interactive session, with demos and audience feedback throughout.

This tutorial will lay ground for the consecutive tutorials The Other Extensions as well as Semantic MediaWiki real-world use cases and their underlying concepts.

Topics to be covered
  • What does 'semantic' mean?
  • What is a triple store?
  • What does Semantic MediaWiki do?
  • What is a property?
  • What is a datatype?
  • How do I do inline annotations?
  • When to best use the set parser function?
  • How to construct simple queries.
  • How to display the result of queries with result formats (formats provided by core Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Result Formats extension or the Semantic Maps extension)
  • Where to go for more information?