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Has conference::SMWCon Fall 2012
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Description: Has description::The extension for semantic search
Speaker(s): {{#set:Has speaker=Jesse}}Jesse
Type: {{#set:Has talk type=Technical Talk}}Technical Talk
Audience: {{#set:Has audience type=Everyone}}Everyone
Length: Has duration::15 minutes
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{{#set: Has video plain= }} In this talk, we'll present a new extension to enhance the current "Enhanced Retrieval" functionality. This new SOLR based extension will enable users of SMW to carry out full-text search on all textual fields, relevance will be considered as an important factor for display results. The extension will index over rendered wiki pages (not the raw wiki pages). It will come with a parser function to display the search results as well as the UI inline (within a wiki page), rather than a special page. It also enhanced faceted browsing/search UI via richer data types.

Speaker: Jesse Wang (Vulcan Inc.)