Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi

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SMWCon Fall 2013Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi
SMWCon Fall 2013
Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi
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Description: The talk will be about the work that we have done and still currently doing to develop a theoretical and practical framework that supports the integrated model of processes and ontology, consisting in the creation of a single integrated model in which both aspects are formally represented.
Speaker(s): Mauro Dragoni
Slides: see here
Type: Talk, Regular talk
Audience: Everyone, Business people
Event start: 2013/10/30 11:50:00 AM
Event finish: 2013/10/30 12:10:00 PM
Length: 20 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: SMW, Business Process Management, Decision Making, data integration
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The objective of this framework is to sustain and encourage the collaboration between different kind of experts for modeling domains and for providing a semantic representation of the it. Examples of experts are the Domain Experts (i.e. those that knows the domain but usually lacks the modelling skills), and the Knowledge Engineers (those that have the skills but have not a clear understanding of the domain). During this talk, I will present the last version of MoKi, the wiki-based tool designed for supporting such a framework and I will show how this tool has been customized and extended in several projects in order to face the different challenges raised by the usage of semantic representations in different domains.

My presentation on Slideshare