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SMWCon Fall 2021Club fan page to hold statistics and history
SMWCon Fall 2021
Club fan page to hold statistics and history
Talk details
Description: How to use Semantic Mediawiki to aggregate Clubs statistics and their players numbers.
Speaker(s): Eduardo Ferreira
Type: Lightning talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2021/12/08 16:30:00
Event finish: 2021/12/08 17:00:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
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As a football fan, I use to spend a long time looking up for information and numbers about the next match of my Club to understand the history of its next match. Those numbers are very hard to find and, in most cases, non-existing. Usually we, fans, have to rely on the media to gather and compile those numbers before each match. We also have to be content with numbers they think is interesting to show/share.

A common use case is to know the stats of a match (Number of Matches, win, draws, losses). But how about the same numbers by City, Stadium, Championship? How about the players the scored the most against a specific team?

The current squad of a team is something that every fan wants to follow and usually can be found on the club's website. However, they don't, usually, keep the history after the player is transferred or retire. It is not possible to find out what was the squad of a season, since usually those tend to change a lot during a particular season.

The same happens for player statistics. One usually can find something about a particular player when they are currently playing. When they are gone, One has to rely on "google". Wikipedia has numbers of those most well-know players, but even those numbers are usually restricted to number of matches and goals scored. What about how many matches their team won when that player was on? How many matches they played from the bench? How many cards they got during a season?

All those numbers are practically nonexistent for smaller clubs.

For that I have created: (also I have helped to structured:

There we have, alongside history in written text, numbers and history of players that have played from as little as one game until icon players of the club.

On the same talk I will mention about a failed-project to cover the Brazilian Championship history to be able to extract those same numbers for all clubs in on place. How hard was to automate the matches creation pages and how heavily it was relied on manual work.

This is may first proposal, please let me know if I need to develop more on the topic.