Property:Has talk type


This property is of type Text.

It accepts these values:

  • Session A group of talks around a specific subject
  • Talk
    • Regular talk
    • Technical talk
    • Lightning talk: A very short talk (less than 5min, possibly just 1 or 2min)
    • Keynote: A keynote talk, usually at the beginning of a conference day
  • Demo: A technical demonstration, for example, of a software or a web site
  • Hackathon: An event where developers come together to discuss code and to work on solutions, often organised in an open-space style
  • Tutorial: A session that is aimed at training or education
  • Discussion: A discussion session, involving the whole audience or a panel of speakers
  • Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Break
  • In session Indicating that a talk is part of a session.
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{ "type": "PROPERTY_CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA", "constraints": { "type_constraint": "_txt", "allowed_values": [ "Session", "Talk", "Regular talk", "Technical talk", "Lightning talk", "Keynote", "Demo", "Hackathon", "Tutorial", "Discussion", "Presentation", "Workshop", "Break", "In session" ] } }