The Information Workbench

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SMWCon Fall 2012The Information Workbench
SMWCon Fall 2012
The Information Workbench
Talk details
Description: The description of very powerful wiki-like semantic information platform
Speaker(s): Peter Haase
Slides: see here
Type: Keynote
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 26 Oct 2012 09:00
Event finish: 26 Oct 2012 10:00
Length: 60 minutes
Video: click here
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The Information Workbench is a platform for Linked Data applications in the enterprise. Targeting the full life-cycle of Linked Data applications, it facilitates the integration and processing of Linked Data following a Data-as-a-Service paradigm.

In this talk we present how we use Semantic Wiki technologies in the Information Workbench for the development of user interfaces for interacting with the Linked Data. The user interface can be easily customized using a large set of widgets for data integration, interactive visualization, exploration and analytics, as well as the collaborative acquisition and authoring of Linked Data. The talk will feature a live demo illustrating an example application, a Conference Explorer integrating data about the SMWCon conference, publications and social media.

We will also present solutions and applications of the Information Workbench in a variety of other domains, including the Life Sciences and Data Center Management.