GraphScope: Knowledge graph search in your Semantic MediaWiki

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Description: Has description::Search your semantic data with simple keyword queries
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Length: Has duration::30 min
Video: click here
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{{#set: Has video plain= }} Semantic MediaWiki allows to capture structured data about entities and their relationships to other entities through simple annotations. When entire domains, product catalogues or company structures are modelled, these annotations form a knowledge graph, which is internally represented in RDF. Finding the right information in such a knowledge graph is a frequent, but tricky task.

In this talk we present GraphScope, a graph search engine that is able to find multiple related entities with a keyword query. Information needs such as "Find all ingredients of drug X" or "Find all colleagues and their email address, who are working on projects with customer Z" can be satisfied. The usage for the user remains the same as for other search engines, just entering simple keyword queries is enough. A live demo will be shown to demonstrate GraphScope in action.